Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Instant Messaging Redirect Server Physical Host Monitoring

The redirect server monitors the operational status of the hosts to which it redirects clients. If the redirect server determines that one of the hosts has failed, it reallocates partitions to subsequent hosts as defined in the redirect.partitions file. In addition, the redirect server detects when a host comes back online so that partitions can be redirected back to the host. The redirect server monitors hosts in two ways:

Procedure Setting the Instant Messaging Redirect Server Host Polling Frequency

  1. On the redirect server, open iim.conf.

    See Appendix A, Instant Messaging Configuration Parameters in iim.conf for instructions on locating and modifying this file.

  2. Set the iim_server.redirect.pollfrequency parameter.

    The value is in minutes. For example:

  3. Save and close iim.conf.

  4. Refresh the redirect server.

    imadmin refresh server