Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Specifying the List of Partitions for the Instant Messaging Redirect Server

The redirect.partitions file defines the primary node to which users in a particular partition will be redirected and a series of fallback nodes if desired. Each non-empty, non-commented line in the file defines the node list for a partition. Each node in the list must correspond to a node defined as a value for the parameter in iim.conf. If there are more partitions defined than there are lines in the redirect.partitions file, the unspecified partitions are handled by round-robin.

By default, the redirect.partitions file is stored in the following location:


Example 7–2 Redirect.partitions File Configuration

This redirect.partitions file example assumes the following:

In this scenario, redirect.partitions might look as follows:

imserverA, imserverB, imserverC
imserverB, imserverC

That there are two non-empty, non-commented lines indicates that there are at least two user partitions. The first line defines the redirect behavior for partition 1. The redirect server will redirect partition 1 users first to imserverA. If that fails, the redirect server tries imserverB then imserverC. If no nodes are operational, the redirect server returns an error to the client.