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Sun Storage J4200/J4400 Array Hardware Installation Guide






1. The Sun Storage J4200/J4400 Array

J4200 Shipping Kit Contents

J4400 Shipping Kit Contents

Rail Kit

Hardware Overview

Front Access to the J4200/J4400 Array

Indicators on the Front of the Trays

Disk Drives

Rear-Access Tray Components

J4200/J4400 Array SIM Board

SIM Board Status Indicators

J4200/J4400 Array Power Supplies

J4200 Power Supply Status Indicators

J4400 Power Supply Status Indicators

J4200 Array Fan Modules

J4200 Fan Status Indicators

Customer-Replaceable Units

Management Software

Full Management Software

Remote Proxy

Command-Line Interface

Overview of the Hardware Installation Process

2. Installing Rails and Trays in Cabinets

Before You Begin

Check the Rail Kit Contents

Prepare the Cabinet

Installing the Rail Kit in a Sun Rack 900/1000 Cabinet


Installing the Rail Kit in a Sun StorEdge Expansion or Sun Fire Cabinet


Installing the Rail Kit in a Standard 19-Inch Cabinet With Unthreaded Cabinet Rails


Preparing to Install a Tray in a Cabinet

Removing and Replacing a Disk Drive

Removing a Disk Drive

Installing a Tray in a Cabinet

Replacing a Disk Drive

Secure the Tray Into the Cabinet

Next Steps

3. Connecting Devices and Powering On

Connecting to the Data and Management Host or Another J4200/J4400 Array

Attaching the Host or SIM Link In Connector to the Data and Management Host

Connecting to Another J4200/J4400 Array

Preparing to Power On the Tray

Powering On the Array

Powering Off the Tray

Next Steps