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Sun Blade 6000 Modular System

Site Planning Guide

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Using This Documentation

Downloading Chassis Firmware

Documentation and Feedback

About This Documentation

Introduction to Site Planning

Customer Obligations

System Configuration

Site Planning Checklist

Preparing the Site for System Installation

Load-Bearing and Handling Precautions

Power and Electrical Requirements

Power Consumption

Power Budgeting

Electrical Requirements

Power Cords

Grid Redundancy

Cooling Requirements

Temperature and Humidity Requirements

Airflow Requirements

Clearance for Service and Aisle Requirements

Route to the Data Center

Rackmounting Considerations

Mounting the Chassis in a Rack

Compatible Cabinets

Number of Chassis Supported in a Rack

Facility Safety

Secure Installation Requirements

Placement of Product

Hazardous Conditions Precaution


Shipping Crate Physical Specifications

Chassis and Components Dimensions and Weights

AC Power Requirements

Environmental Specifications

Thermal Design Specifications

Acoustic Noise Emissions

Regulatory Compliance



Power Budgeting

The power requirements for different components in the Sun Blade 6000 system are provided through the power conversion calculator. Use the power calculator for estimating the power consumption of your system:

The intent of the power calculator is to provide guidance for estimating the electrical and heat loads for typical operating conditions. The Max power results shown in the calculator (at 100% workload) represent server module power consumption measurements with CPUs at 100% utilization running SPECjbb2005. The Idle power results shown in the calculator represent power consumption measurements taken from server modules with operating systems booted and stabilized, yet running at minimal utilization.

Results shown are representative of measurements taken with room temperatures below 25o C. Actual power consumption will vary with application type, application utilization and ambient temperature. Whenever possible, use actual measurements.

Use these specifications for planning purposes only. The system’s actual power requirements depend on which components are included in your configuration. Use Oracle ILOM to verify the system’s actual power requirements. Refer to the Oracle ILOM documentation.

Oracle ILOM documentation is available at: