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Sun Blade 6000 Modular System

Site Planning Guide

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Downloading Chassis Firmware

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About This Documentation

Introduction to Site Planning

Customer Obligations

System Configuration

Site Planning Checklist

Preparing the Site for System Installation

Load-Bearing and Handling Precautions

Power and Electrical Requirements

Power Consumption

Power Budgeting

Electrical Requirements

Power Cords

Grid Redundancy

Cooling Requirements

Temperature and Humidity Requirements

Airflow Requirements

Clearance for Service and Aisle Requirements

Route to the Data Center

Rackmounting Considerations

Mounting the Chassis in a Rack

Compatible Cabinets

Number of Chassis Supported in a Rack

Facility Safety

Secure Installation Requirements

Placement of Product

Hazardous Conditions Precaution


Shipping Crate Physical Specifications

Chassis and Components Dimensions and Weights

AC Power Requirements

Environmental Specifications

Thermal Design Specifications

Acoustic Noise Emissions

Regulatory Compliance



Cooling Requirements

Every watt of power used by the system is dissipated into the air as heat. The upper limit of thermal power dissipation of the chassis in 6250W 2N configuration is 21,325 BTU/hr. This requires that the data center HVAC system must accommodate the maximum heat release of a fully configured system, as well as any other systems in the data center.

The amount of heat output per Sun Blade 6000 system varies, depending on the system configuration. The systems are equipped with fans that route cool air throughout the chassis from front to rear. The fans are speed controlled based on system temperature sensors. Typical airflow (for room temperatures below 23o C) is about 600 CFM. Maximum possible airflow is about 1012 CFM.

As long as the necessary air conditioning is provided in the data center to dissipate the heat load, and sufficient space and properly vented door openings are provided at the front and back of rackmounted systems (see Clearance for Service and Aisle Requirements), the system fans will enable the system to work within the temperature specifications for systems in operation (see Environmental Specifications). Thermal characteristics of the Sun Blade 6000 chassis system are provided in Thermal Design Specifications.