This manual provides information about the SBus Quad Ethernet Controller card.

Document Organization

The information in this manual is presented in six chapters and four appendixes. Manual arrangement is as follows:

Chapter 1: "Introducing the SBus Quad Ethernet Controller" describes the features of the SunFastEthernet Adapter card and provides hardware requirements.

Chapter 2: "Installing the SBus Quad Ethernet Controller Card" provides card installation, testing and relocation procedures.

Chapter 3: " Software Installation using Solaris 1.x" provides instructions for software installation via CD-ROM using the cdm program, instructions on bringing up the interface using loadable drivers as well as instructions on building a new kernel for diskless clients.

Chapter 4: "Software Installation using Solaris 2.x" provides instructions on installing software using pkgadd command. Includes net-install and diskless client procedures.

Appendix A: "Booting with OpenBoot PROM" applicable to Solaris 1.x and 2.x software versions. Provides paths for booting with OpenBoot PROM.

Appendix B: "Interface Signals" provides pinout data.

Appendix C: " SQEC Card Specifications" provides information on performance and power specifications, physical dimensions, and environmental specifications.

Appendix D: "Running Diagnostic Tests" explains how to run diagnostic tests that verify the SQEC card is working correctly in the system.

Appendix E: "Solaris 1.x Error Messages" provides a listing of Solaris 1.x error messages together with explanation and/or workarounds.

When You Need Help with UNIX Commands

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What Typographic Changes and Symbols Mean

Section Table P-1, "Typographic Conventions describes the typefaces and symbols used in this book.

    Table P-1 Typographic Conventions

Typeface or Meaning Example Symbol ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
AaBbCc123                                                          The names of commands, files,      Edit your.login file.
                                                                   and directories; on-screen         
                                                                   computer output                    Use ls -a to list all files.
                                                                                                      system% You have mail.
AaBbCc123                                                          What you type, contrasted with     system% su
                                                                   on-screen computer output          
AaBbCc123                                                          Command-line placeholder:          To delete a file, type rm filename.
                                                                   replace with a real name or                                                 
AaBbCc123                                                          Book titles, new words or terms,   Read Chapter 6 in User's Guide. 
                                                                   or words to be emphasized          These are called class options. 
                                                                                                      You must be root to do this.
Code samples are included in boxes and may display the following:                                     
%                                                                  UNIX C shell prompt                system%
$                                                                  UNIX Bourne and Korn shell         UNIX Bourne and Korn shell 
                                                                   prompt                             prompt
#                                                                  Superuser prompt, all shells       Superuser prompt, all shells


Notes, Cautions, and Warnings

Warning -

This equipment contains lethal voltage. Accidental contact can result in serious injury or death.

Caution -

Improper handling by unqualified personnel can cause serious damage to this equipment. Unqualified personnel who tamper with this equipment may be held liable for any resultant damage to the equipment.

Individuals who remove any outer panels to access this equipment must observe all safety precautions and ensure compliance with skill level requirements, certification, and all applicable local and national laws.

Procedures contained in this document must be performed by qualified service-trained maintenance providers.

Note - Before you begin, carefully read each of the procedures in this manual. If you have not performed similar operations on comparable equipment, do not attempt to perform these procedures.