Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide

Configuring Queues From the Command Line

To configure queues from the command line, type the following command with the appropriate options:

# qconf options

The qconf command has the following options:

The qconf command provides the following set of options that you can use to change specific queue attributes:

-aattr – Add attributes

-Aattr – Add attributes from a file

-dattr – Delete attributes

-Dattr – Delete attributes listed in a file

-mattr – Modify attributes

-Mattr – Modify attributes from a file

-rattr – Replace attributes

-Rattr – Replace attributes from a file

-sobjl – Show list of configuration objects

For a description of how to use these options and for some examples of their use, see Using Files to Modify Queues, Hosts, and Environments. For detailed information about these options, see the qconf(1) man page.