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Getting Started With Oracle Solaris 11 Express     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Document Information

1.  Exploring Oracle Solaris 11 Express

Why Use Oracle Solaris 11 Express?

Exploring the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Software

Exploring the Oracle Solaris Live CD

Live CD Options

Installing From the Oracle Solaris Live CD - Quick Reference

Related Information

2.  Preparing to Install Oracle Solaris 11 Express

3.  Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Express

4.  Verifying and Finalizing Your Installed System

5.  Understanding Users and Roles

6.  Managing System Services

7.  Setting Up Your Application Development Environment

8.  Keeping Your System Up-To-Date

A.  Managing the GRUB Menu in the Oracle Solaris Release

B.  Troubleshooting the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Release


Exploring the Oracle Solaris Live CD

Oracle Solaris provides a live CD ISO image for x86 platforms that boots to a minimal operating system, with a GNOME desktop that includes the Firefox Web Browser, Thunderbird Mail/Calendar, and other core applications, features, and tools, including the following:

To explore Oracle Solaris on the live CD ISO image, without affecting the existing OS that is installed on your system, refer to the following guidelines:

Live CD Options

The following are the Oracle Solaris live CD options:

Installing From the Oracle Solaris Live CD – Quick Reference

The live CD ISO image includes an installer that enables you to install Oracle Solaris on your x86 based system.

To start the installer, select the Installer icon that is located on the live CD desktop.

When using the installer tool on the live CD, you have the following choices: