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Getting Started With Oracle Solaris 11 Express     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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Document Information

1.  Exploring Oracle Solaris 11 Express

2.  Preparing to Install Oracle Solaris 11 Express

3.  Installing Oracle Solaris 11 Express

4.  Verifying and Finalizing Your Installed System

5.  Understanding Users and Roles

6.  Managing System Services

7.  Setting Up Your Application Development Environment

8.  Keeping Your System Up-To-Date

A.  Managing the GRUB Menu in the Oracle Solaris Release

B.  Troubleshooting the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Release

Tips on Troubleshooting an Oracle Solaris Startup

What to Do If Your System Boots in Console Mode

How to Add Additional Software Packages After an Installation With the Oracle Solaris Text Installer

How to Install Oracle Solaris From the Live CD If Your System Boots in Console Mode

How to Monitor the Live CD Startup Process

Troubleshooting Login and User Account Issues

How to Troubleshoot Your Login


Appendix B

Troubleshooting the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Release

This chapter provides troubleshooting information for some common problems that you might encounter when installing or using Oracle Solaris 11 Express.

If you encounter a problem, do the following: