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SPARC Assembly Language Reference Manual     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  SPARC Assembler for SunOS 5.x

1.1 Operating Environment

1.2 SPARC Assembler for SunOS 4.1 Versus SunOS 5.x

1.2.1 Labeling Format

1.2.2 Object File Format

1.2.3 Pseudo-Operations

1.2.4 Command Line Options

2.  Assembler Syntax

3.  Executable and Linking Format

4.  Converting Files to the New Format

5.  Instruction-Set Mapping

A.  Pseudo-Operations

B.  Examples of Pseudo-Operations

C.  Using the Assembler Command Line

D.  An Example Language Program

E.  SPARC-V9 Instruction Set


Chapter 1

SPARC Assembler for SunOS 5.x

This chapter discusses features of the SunOS 5.x SPARC assembler. This document is distributed as part of the developer documentation set with every SunOS operating system release.

This document is also distributed with the on-line documentation set for the convenience of SPARCworks and SPARCompiler 4.0 users who have products that run on the SunOS 5.x operating system. It is included as part of the SPARCworks/SPARCompiler Floating Point and Common Tools AnswerBook, which is the on-line information retrieval system.

This document contains information from The SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 8. Information about Version 9 support is summarized in Appendix E, SPARC-V9 Instruction Set.