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SPARC Assembly Language Reference Manual     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  SPARC Assembler for SunOS 5.x

2.  Assembler Syntax

3.  Executable and Linking Format

3.1 ELF Header

3.2 Sections

3.2.1 Section Header

3.2.2 Predefined User Sections Creating an .init Section in an Object File Creating a .fini Section in an Object File

3.2.3 Predefined Non-User Sections

3.3 Locations

3.4 Addresses

3.5 Relocation Tables

3.6 Symbol Tables

3.7 String Tables

3.8 Assembler Directives

3.8.1 Section Control Directives

3.8.2 Symbol Attribute Directives

3.8.3 Assignment Directive

3.8.4 Data Generating Directives

4.  Converting Files to the New Format

5.  Instruction-Set Mapping

A.  Pseudo-Operations

B.  Examples of Pseudo-Operations

C.  Using the Assembler Command Line

D.  An Example Language Program

E.  SPARC-V9 Instruction Set


Chapter 3

Executable and Linking Format

The type of object files created by the SPARC assembler version for SunOS 5.x are now Executable and Linking Format (ELF) files. These relocatable ELF files hold code and data suitable for linking with other object files to create an executable or a shared object file, and are the assembler normal output. The assembler can also write information to standard output (for example, under the -S option) and to standard error (for example, under the -V option). The SPARC assembler creates a default output file when standard input or multiple files are used.

This chapter is organized into the following sections:

The ELF object file format consists of:

For more information, see the System V Application Binary Interface: SPARC Processor Supplement.