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ONC+ Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Introduction to ONC+ Technologies

2.  Introduction to TI-RPC

3.  rpcgen Programming Guide

4.  Programmer's Interface to RPC

5.  Advanced RPC Programming Techniques

6.  Porting From TS-RPC to TI-RPC

7.  Multithreaded RPC Programming

8.  Extensions to the Sun RPC Library

9.  NIS+ Programming Guide

NIS+ Overview

NIS+ Domains

NIS+ and Servers

NIS+ Tables

NIS+ Security

Name Service Switch

NIS+ Administration Commands


NIS+ Sample Program

Unsupported Macros

Functions Used in the Example

Program Compilation

A.  XDR Technical Note

B.  RPC Protocol and Language Specification

C.  XDR Protocol Specification

D.  RPC Code Examples

E.  portmap Utility

F.  Writing a Port Monitor With the Service Access Facility (SAF)



Chapter 9

NIS+ Programming Guide

This chapter presents the fundamental principles of the NIS+ (pronounced “niss-plus”) applications programming interface and a detailed sample program. The NIS+ API is for programmers who need to build applications for Solaris networks. It provides the essential features for supporting enterprise-wide applications.

This chapter covers the following topics:

The NIS+ network name service addresses the requirements of client/server networks ranging in size from 10 clients supported by a few servers on a local area network to 10,000 multi-vendor clients supported by 20 to 100 specialized servers located in sites throughout the world and connected by several public networks.