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ONC+ Developer's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11 Express 11/10
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1.  Introduction to ONC+ Technologies

2.  Introduction to TI-RPC

3.  rpcgen Programming Guide

What Is rpcgen?

SunOS 9 Software Environment Features

rpcgen Tutorial

Converting Local Procedures to Remote Procedures

Passing Complex Data Structures

Preprocessing Directives

cpp Directive

Compile-Time Flags

Compile-Time Client and Server Templates

Compile-Time C-style Mode

Compile-Time MT-Safe Code

Compile-Time MT Auto Mode

Compile-Time TI-RPC or TS-RPC Library Selection

Compile-Time ANSI C-compliant Code

Compile-Time xdr_inline() Count

rpcgen Programming Techniques

Network Types/Transport Selection

Command-Line Define Statements

Server Response to Broadcast Calls

Port Monitor Support

Time-out Changes

Client Authentication

Dispatch Tables

64-Bit Considerations for rpcgen

IPv6 Considerations for rpcgen

Debugging Applications

4.  Programmer's Interface to RPC

5.  Advanced RPC Programming Techniques

6.  Porting From TS-RPC to TI-RPC

7.  Multithreaded RPC Programming

8.  Extensions to the Sun RPC Library

9.  NIS+ Programming Guide

A.  XDR Technical Note

B.  RPC Protocol and Language Specification

C.  XDR Protocol Specification

D.  RPC Code Examples

E.  portmap Utility

F.  Writing a Port Monitor With the Service Access Facility (SAF)



Chapter 3

rpcgen Programming Guide

This section introduces the rpcgen tool and provides a tutorial with code examples and usage of the available compile-time flags. See Glossary for the definition of the terms used in this chapter.

The topics covered in this chapter include: