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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Reference 11 g Release 1 (
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1.  Directory Server Enterprise Edition File Reference

Software Layout for Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Directory Server Instance Default Layout

Directory Proxy Server Instance Default Layout

Part I Directory Server Reference

2.  Directory Server Overview

3.  Directory Server LDAP URLs

4.  Directory Server LDIF and Search Filters

5.  Directory Server Security

6.  Directory Server Monitoring

7.  Directory Server Replication

8.  Directory Server Data Caching

9.  Directory Server Indexing

10.  Directory Server Logging

11.  Directory Server Groups and Roles

12.  Directory Server Class of Service

13.  Directory Server DSMLv2

14.  Directory Server Internationalization Support

Part II Directory Proxy Server Reference

15.  Directory Proxy Server Overview

16.  Directory Proxy Server Load Balancing and Client Affinity

17.  Directory Proxy Server Distribution

18.  Directory Proxy Server Virtualization

19.  Connections Between Directory Proxy Server and Backend LDAP Servers

20.  Connections Between Clients and Directory Proxy Server

21.  Directory Proxy Server Client Authentication

22.  Security in Directory Proxy Server

23.  Directory Proxy Server Logging

Introduction to Directory Proxy Server Logs

Log File Rotation

Log File Deletion

Message Severity

Error Logs for Directory Proxy Server

Error Log Levels

Format of an Error Message

Access Logs for Directory Proxy Server

Access Log Levels

Format of an Access Log Message

Message Parts in an Access Log

Access Log Buffer

Bind Logs for Directory Proxy Server

Format of a Bind Log Message

Message Part in a Bind Log

Bind Log Buffer

Connection Logs for Directory Proxy Server

Format of a Connection Log Message

Message Part in a Connection Log

Connection Log Buffer

Tracking Client Requests Through Directory Proxy Server and Directory Server Access Logs

Tracking Operations by Connection

Tracking Operations in Directory Proxy Server

Tracking Operations Between Directory Proxy Server and Directory Server

Client Identification

24.  Directory Proxy Server Alerts and Monitoring


Log File Rotation

Log files can be rotated manually at any time, or can be rotated automatically when the following events occur:

The start-time, start-day, and interval can have the following combinations:

The time-of-day takes precedence over the interval. For example, a log that is specified to be rotated at 3am and then every 10 hours is rotated at the following times: 03:00, 13:00, 23:00, and again at 03:00 (not 07:00).

If the log is configured for rotation on the 31st of the month but the month has fewer than 31 days, the log is rotated on the first day of the following month.

Log files can be automatically compressed upon rotation in order to recover part of the disk space they use.