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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Reference 11 g Release 1 (
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1.  Directory Server Enterprise Edition File Reference

Software Layout for Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Directory Server Instance Default Layout

Directory Proxy Server Instance Default Layout

Part I Directory Server Reference

2.  Directory Server Overview

3.  Directory Server LDAP URLs

4.  Directory Server LDIF and Search Filters

5.  Directory Server Security

6.  Directory Server Monitoring

7.  Directory Server Replication

8.  Directory Server Data Caching

9.  Directory Server Indexing

10.  Directory Server Logging

11.  Directory Server Groups and Roles

12.  Directory Server Class of Service

13.  Directory Server DSMLv2

14.  Directory Server Internationalization Support

Part II Directory Proxy Server Reference

15.  Directory Proxy Server Overview

16.  Directory Proxy Server Load Balancing and Client Affinity

17.  Directory Proxy Server Distribution

18.  Directory Proxy Server Virtualization

19.  Connections Between Directory Proxy Server and Backend LDAP Servers

20.  Connections Between Clients and Directory Proxy Server

21.  Directory Proxy Server Client Authentication

22.  Security in Directory Proxy Server

23.  Directory Proxy Server Logging

24.  Directory Proxy Server Alerts and Monitoring

























CA, hierarchies and root, Certificates and Certificate Authorities (CA)
database, Database Cache
entry, Entry Cache
file system, File System Cache
import, Import Cache
total size, Total Aggregate Cache Size
use in searches, How Directory Server Performs Searches by Using Cache
use in suffix initialization, How Directory Server Initializes a Suffix by Using the Cache
use in updates, How Directory Server Performs Updates by Using the Cache
cache-avail-bytes attribute, cache-avail-bytes
cache optimization, Operational Affinity Algorithm for Cache Optimization
cache types, Types of Cache
central log directories, Default Paths
certificate database, default path, Default Paths
certificate database files
Directory Proxy Server, Directory Proxy Server Instance Default Layout
Directory Server, Directory Server Instance Default Layout
and LDAP Directory, Certificate Management
authentication using, Introduction to Certificate-based Authentication
chains, Certificates and Certificate Authorities (CA)
contents of, Contents of a Certificate
issuing of, Certificate Management
overview of renewal, Certificate Management
revoking, Certificate Management
self-signed, Certificates and Certificate Authorities (CA)
verifying a certificate chain, Certificates and Certificate Authorities (CA)
change sequence numbers, Change Sequence Number
ciphers, Ciphers and Protocols for Directory Proxy Server
class of service, Managing Attributes With Class of Service
class of service (CoS)
access control, CoS Limitations
cache, CoS Limitations
filtered role limitation, CoS Limitations
limitations, CoS Limitations
template entry, CoS Template Entry
classic CoS, Classic CoS
classichashavgclashlistlength attribute, classicHashAvgClashListLength
classichashavgclashpercentageperhash attribute, classicHashAvgClashPercentagePerHash
classichashmemusage attribute, classicHashMemUsage
classichashvaluesmemusage attribute, classicHashValuesMemUsage
client affinity
LDAP Data Source Pools
Client Affinity
client requests, tracking, Tracking Client Requests Through Directory Proxy Server and Directory Server Access Logs
object classes, cn=monitor
read-only monitoring configuration entries, cn=monitor
collation order, see indexing with matching rule, International Index
command-line utilities, ldapsearch, LDAP Search Filters
commas, in DNs, Using Special Characters
commas in DNs, Specifying Non 7-Bit ASCII Characters in Search Filters
compound search filters
Using Compound Search Filters
Using Compound Search Filters
configuration attributes, monitoring configuration attributes, cn=monitor
configuration files
Directory Proxy Server, Directory Proxy Server Instance Default Layout
Directory Server, Directory Server Instance Default Layout
configuring, attribute renaming properties, Attribute Renaming and DN Renaming
connection attribute, connection
connection handler
request filtering policy, Request Filtering Policies for Connection Handlers
resource limits policy, Resource Limits Policies for Connection Handlers
connection handlers, Connections Between Clients and Directory Proxy Server
connectionPeak attribute, connectionPeak
consumer, Suppliers and Consumers
contains-shared-entries property, Handling of Shared Entries
Coordinator data views, Coordinator Data Views
core server configuration attributes
backendMonitorDN, backendMonitorDN
bytesSent, bytesSent
cache-avail-bytes, cache-avail-bytes
classichashavgclashlistlength, classicHashAvgClashListLength
classichashavgclashpercentageperhash, classicHashAvgClashPercentagePerHash
classichashmemusage, classicHashMemUsage
classichashvaluesmemusage, classicHashValuesMemUsage
connection, connection
connectionPeak, connectionPeak
currentconnections, currentConnections
currenttime, currentTime
disk-dir, disk-dir
disk-free, disk-free
disk-state, disk-state
dtablesize, dTableSize
entriessent, entriesSent
nbackends, nbackEnds
numclassicdefinitions, numClassicDefinitions
numclassichashtables, numClassicHashTables
numclassictemplates, numClassicTemplates
numcosattributetypes, numCoSAttributeTypes
numindirectdefinitions, numIndirectDefinitions
numpointerdefinitions, numPointerDefinitions
numpointertemplates, numPointerTemplates
opscompleted, opsCompleted
opsinitiated, opsInitiated
readWaiters, readWaiters
startTime, startTime
threads, threads
totalConnections, totalConnections
version, version
CoS, See class of service
CoS template entry, CoS Template Entry
creating the directory, Guidelines for Defining Directories by Using LDIF
CSNs, See change sequence numbers
currentconnections attribute, currentConnections
currenttime attribute, currentTime