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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Troubleshooting Guide 11g Release 1 (
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1.  Overview of Troubleshooting Directory Server Enterprise Edition

2.  Troubleshooting Installation and Migration Problems

3.  Troubleshooting Replication

4.  Troubleshooting Directory Proxy Server

5.  Troubleshooting Directory Server Problems

6.  Troubleshooting Data Management Problems

7.  Troubleshooting Identity Synchronization for Windows

General Troubleshooting Guidelines

Configuring and Using the Logs

Using the idsync printstat Command

Troubleshooting Quick Checklist

Troubleshooting Problems with Identity Synchronization for Windows Installation

Troubleshooting Memory Problems

Troubleshooting Problems With Connectors

General Connector Troubleshooting Tips

Determining the ID of a Connector Managing a Directory Source

Getting and Managing the Current State of a Connector

Troubleshooting a Connector in the UNINSTALLED State

Troubleshooting a Connector in the INSTALLED State

Troubleshooting a Connector in the READY State

Troubleshooting a Connector in the SYNCING State

Troubleshooting Problems With the Active Directory Connector

Troubleshooting the Watchdog Process and Core Components

Troubleshooting Processes on Solaris or Linux

Troubleshooting Processes on Windows

Examining the File

To View Hidden Folders and the Temp Subdirectory on Windows

Troubleshooting the Connector Subcomponents

Verifying Subcomponent Installation

To Turn on the Windows NT Audit Log

Verifying Server Restart After Installation

Verifying Network Connections

Troubleshooting the Message Queue Component

Using telnet to Verify That the Message Queue Broker is Running

Collecting Additional Information About the Message Queue Broker

Troubleshooting Communication Problems With Directory Server

Troubleshooting Memory Problems

To Recover From a Message Queue Broker Low Memory Condition

Troubleshooting Problems With Identity Synchronization for Windows Over SSL

Troubleshooting Problems With SSL Between Core Components

Troubleshooting Problems With SSL Between Connectors and Directory Server or Active Directory

Troubleshooting Problems With SSL Between the Directory Server and Active Directory

Troubleshooting Problems With Certificates

Untrusted Certificates

Mismatched Hostnames

Expired Certificates

Troubleshooting Active Directory Domain Controller Problems

8.  Troubleshooting DSCC Problems

9.  Directory Server Error Log Message Reference

10.  Directory Proxy Server Error Log Message Reference


Chapter 7

Troubleshooting Identity Synchronization for Windows

This chapter provides information to help you troubleshoot problems you may encounter while using Identity Synchronization for Windows. It includes the following topics:

This chapter contains the following sections: