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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Troubleshooting Guide 11g Release 1 (
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1.  Overview of Troubleshooting Directory Server Enterprise Edition

2.  Troubleshooting Installation and Migration Problems

3.  Troubleshooting Replication

Analyzing Replication Problems

Overview of Replication Data Collection

Setting the Replication Logging Level

Using the insync Command

Using the repldisc Command

Example: Troubleshooting a Replication Problem Using RUVs and CSNs

Possible Symptoms of a Replication Problem and How to Proceed

Troubleshooting a Replication Halt or Replication Divergence

Possible Causes of a Replication Halt

Possible Causes of a Replication Divergence

Collecting Data About a Replication Halt or Replication Divergence

Collecting Error and Change Logs

Collecting Data Using the insync and repldisc Commands

Collecting Information About the Network and Disk Usage

Analyzing Replication Halt Data

Resolving a Problem With the Schema

Analyzing Replication Divergence Data

Advanced Topic: Using the replcheck Tool to Diagnose and Repair Replication Halts

Diagnosing Problems with replcheck

Repairing Replication Failures With replcheck

Troubleshooting Replication Problems

Using the nsds50ruv Attribute to Troubleshoot 5.2 Replication Problems

Using the nsds50ruv and ds6ruv Attributes to Troubleshoot Replication Problems

Reinitializing a Topology

Determining What to Reinitialize

Doing a Clean Reinitialization

To Create Clean Master Data in Directory Server

To Reinitialize a Suffix Using the DSCC

4.  Troubleshooting Directory Proxy Server

5.  Troubleshooting Directory Server Problems

6.  Troubleshooting Data Management Problems

7.  Troubleshooting Identity Synchronization for Windows

8.  Troubleshooting DSCC Problems

9.  Directory Server Error Log Message Reference

10.  Directory Proxy Server Error Log Message Reference


Chapter 3

Troubleshooting Replication

This chapter provides information to help you troubleshoot problems with replication. It also contains a procedure to help you reinitialize your entire topology. It includes the following sections: