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Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Troubleshooting Guide 11g Release 1 (
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1.  Overview of Troubleshooting Directory Server Enterprise Edition

2.  Troubleshooting Installation and Migration Problems

3.  Troubleshooting Replication

4.  Troubleshooting Directory Proxy Server

5.  Troubleshooting Directory Server Problems

6.  Troubleshooting Data Management Problems

7.  Troubleshooting Identity Synchronization for Windows

8.  Troubleshooting DSCC Problems

9.  Directory Server Error Log Message Reference

10.  Directory Proxy Server Error Log Message Reference

Common Administrative Alert Codes

Common Error Messages


Chapter 10

Directory Proxy Server Error Log Message Reference

This chapter lists messages logged by Directory Proxy Server . While this list is not exhaustive, the information presented in this chapter serves as a good starting point for resolving common problems.

The error is severe so immediate action should be taken to avoid any service loss.

Note - When using the error log for debugging, increase the log level progressively until the debugging data you need becomes evident in the log. Do not enable error logging for all Directory Proxy Server components at once, especially on a production system, to avoid severely impacting performance.