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Oracle® Server CLI Tools User's Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Oracle Server CLI Tools Overview

CLI Tools Command Syntax and Conventions

Using the biosconfig Tool

Using the ubiosconfig Tool

Using the fwupdate Tool

Using the raidconfig Tool

raidconfig Overview

raidconfig Requirements

raidconfig Command Overview

list Subcommand

list Subcommand Overview

Brief Listing Example

Brief Listing of a Disk Example

Detailed Listing Example

create raid Subcommand

How To Create a RAID Volume

delete raid Subcommand

How To Delete a RAID Volume

add disk Subcommand

How to Add a Disk

remove disk Subcommand

How to Remove a Disk from a RAID Volume

add spare Subcommand

How to Add a Spare

remove spare Subcommand

How to Remove a Spare Disk or a RAID Volume

modify Subcommand

How to Modify the BIOS Boot Target

How to Disable Auto Rebuild

How to Modify a RAID Volume Name

start task and stop task Subcommands

Start and Stop Task Examples

restore config and clear config Subcommands

How to Check a Controller Configuration Exists

How to Restore a RAID Controller Configuration

How to Clear a RAID Controller Configuration

export Subcommand

How to Export Inventory Data to a File

import Subcommand

How to Configure RAID Volumes from a File

Creating RAID Volumes With Partial Disks

Guidelines for Using the RAID Volume Size Option

Disk Display

Deletion of RAID Volumes With Partial Disks

Exporting a RAID Configuration Including a RAID Volume With Partial Disks

Adding or Removing a Partial Disk

Using the ilomconfig Tool

Using the hwmgmtcli Tool

Using the zoningcli Tool

Using ipmitool for Windows

CLI Tools Error Codes


start task and stop task Subcommands

The start task and stop task subcommands control the execution of maintenance tasks on a disk or RAID volume. The syntax of the commands are as follows:

raidconfig start task -t taskname [-d|-r]

raidconfig stop task -t taskname [-d|-r]

The available background tasks are shown in the following table.

Checks the validity of the RAID volume redundant data.
Initializes the RAID volume to write out the initial parity values. The initialization goes over the entire volume and initializes the parity data.
Copies and moves an online physical disk onto a hotspare or unconfigured good drive. The copy is performed while the volume is online. Once completed, the destination disk is added to the logical volume configuration while the original source disk is removed from it.
Regenerates the data of a single physical disk that is part of a logical volume with data redundancy. The physical disk is reconstructed from another physical disk and/or parity disks. A disk rebuild typically occurs after a disk replacement or repair.
Clears a physical disk by writing zeroes over the entire disk.

Note ‐ Not all devices support all tasks. To check the tasks a device supports, use the list subcommand and check the output under Startable tasks. If this field is blank, the device does not support any tasks.

The start task and stop task subcommands accept the options shown in the following table.

Short Option
Long Option
Specifies the type of task to execute. Possible options are verify, init, rebuild, clear, or copy.
Specifies the disk to execute the task on. Required by the rebuild and clear tasks.
Specifies the RAID volume to execute the task on. Required by the verify and init tasks.
Specifies the source disk to use in a copy task.
Specifies the destination disk to use in copy task.