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Oracle® Server CLI Tools User's Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Oracle Server CLI Tools Overview

CLI Tools Command Syntax and Conventions

Using the biosconfig Tool

Using the ubiosconfig Tool

Using the fwupdate Tool

fwupdate Overview

fwupdate Command Prerequsite

Downloading Firmware Files

Automatic and Manual Update Modes

Host-to-ILOM Interconnect

fwupdate Command Overview

fwupdate Command-Line Interface

Automatic Mode fwupdate Command-Line Interface

Manual Mode fwupdate Command-Line Interface

list Subcommand

update Subcommand

Automatic Mode update Subcommand

Manual Mode update Subcommand

reset Subcommand

fwupdate Network Based Service Processor Options

How to Use fwupdate to Update an Oracle ILOM Service Processor

Execution Summary

Using the raidconfig Tool

Using the ilomconfig Tool

Using the hwmgmtcli Tool

Using the zoningcli Tool

Using ipmitool for Windows

CLI Tools Error Codes


fwupdate Command Overview

The options listed in the following table apply to all CLI Tools commands, including fwupdate.

Short Option
Long Option
Displays help information.
Displays the tool version.

One subcommand is mandatory unless you use the –-help or –-version options.

fwupdate supports the subcommands listed in the following table.

List mode displays system data and helps select components for upgrade.
Update mode enables a single component to be updated based on command-line directives.
Reset mode enables individual components to be reset.

The subcommands are described in the following sections.

Device naming of target devices is shared with other CLI Tools based on the storage library.

For a full description of the naming convention, see: CLI Tools Device-Naming Convention.

See also: