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Oracle® Server CLI Tools User's Guide
Oracle Technology Network
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Oracle Server CLI Tools Overview

CLI Tools Command Syntax and Conventions

Using the biosconfig Tool

Using the ubiosconfig Tool

Using the fwupdate Tool

Using the raidconfig Tool

Using the ilomconfig Tool

Using the hwmgmtcli Tool

Using the zoningcli Tool

Using ipmitool for Windows

CLI Tools Error Codes


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partial disks
adding to RAID volumeindex iconAdding or Removing a Partial Disk
creating RAID volumesindex iconCreating RAID Volumes With Partial Disks
deleting RAID volumesindex iconDeletion of RAID Volumes With Partial Disks
disk displayindex iconDisk Display
exporting RAID configurationindex iconExporting a RAID Configuration Including a RAID Volume With Partial Disks
guidelines for creating RAIDindex iconGuidelines for Using the RAID Volume Size Option
removing from RAID volumeindex iconAdding or Removing a Partial Disk