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Sun Blade X3-2B (formerly Sun Blade X6270 M3) Installation Guide
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Document Information

Using This Documentation

Sun Blade X3-2B Model Name Change

Getting the Latest Firmware and Software

Documentation and Feedback

About This Documentation

Support and Training


Change History

About the Installation Procedure

About Server Features and Components

Server Features

Server Module Front Panel and Indicators

Rear Panel Features



Installing the Server Module

Preparing to Install the Server Module

Install Your Server Module

Cabling the Server Module

Attach the 3-Cable Dongle to the Server Module

Attach a VGA Monitor to the Dongle Video Connector

Attach a Keyboard and Mouse to the Dongle or Server Module

Attach a Serial Device to the Dongle

Cable the CMM NET MGT Port

Connecting to Oracle ILOM

Oracle ILOM Overview

Determining the Oracle ILOM SP IP Address

Logging In to Server Module SP Oracle ILOM

Accessing the Server Module Console Through Oracle ILOM

Setting Up Software and Firmware

Accessing Oracle System Assistant

Set Up Software and Firmware (Oracle System Assistant)

Setting Up an Operating System and Drivers

Preparing the Storage Drives to Install an Operating System

Supported Host Bus Adapters

Prepare the Storage Drives (Oracle System Assistant)

Make a Virtual Drive Bootable (LSI WebBIOS Utility)

Configuring the Preinstalled Oracle Solaris OS

Oracle Solaris OS Documentation

Configuration Worksheet

Configure Preinstalled Oracle Solaris 11

Configuring Preinstalled Oracle VM Software

Oracle VM Server Configuration Worksheet

Configure the Preinstalled Oracle VM Server

Updating Oracle VM Software

Getting Started With Oracle VM

Configuring the Preinstalled Oracle Linux OS

Oracle Linux Configuration Worksheet

Configure the Preinstalled Oracle Linux OS

Register and Update Your Oracle Linux OS

Troubleshoot Installation Issues

Powering Off the Server for Graceful Shutdown

Powering Off the Server for Immediate Shutdown

Resetting the Server

Identifying Server Faults

Troubleshooting Server Power States

Technical Support Information Worksheet

Locating the System Serial Number

Getting Server Firmware and Software

Firmware and Software Updates

Firmware and Software Access Options

Available Software Release Packages

Accessing Firmware and Software

Installing Updates


Oracle Linux Configuration Worksheet

Gather the following information and have it ready for when you begin the configuration process. You need to collect only the information that applies to your organization and network environment.

Required Installation Information
Your Answers
Oracle Linux root password
Choose a root password that you will use to replace the factory default password; there are no restrictions on the characters or length.
Network interface
Choose a interface on the server (eth#) that will be connected to your network. (Once Linux is up and running, the ifconfig -a command can be used to help identify server network ports.)
Network configuration (if you are not using DHCP)
Supply the IP address for the server.


If the server is part of a subnet, supply the netmask of the subnet.


If the server is accessed through a gateway, supply the IP address of the gateway.
Supply the IP address for the domain name server (DNS). One (and only one) DNS is required.
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