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Sun Blade X3-2B Product Documentation
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Hardware Installation

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About the Sun Blade X3-2B Installation Guide for Oracle VM

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Oracle System Assistant Overview

Oracle System Assistant OS Installation Task

Obtaining Oracle System Assistant

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Set Up for Remote or PXE Installation

Creating a Virtual Disk and Setting the Boot Disk

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Installing Oracle VM Server (Manually)

Install Oracle VM Server Using Local or Remote Media

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Install Oracle VM Server Using Local or Remote Media

Before You Begin

Follow the instructions in Preparing for Oracle VM Server Installation.

  1. If not done already, insert your Oracle VM Server distribution CD/DVD, or access the .iso image distribution media for the method you chose in Preparing the Installation Environment.
  2. Power on or reset the server.

    BIOS messages appear on the console.

    image:Graphic showing BIOS boot screen messages.
  3. When you see a message offering a series of selections, press F8.

    After a delay, a menu offers a selection of boot devices (see the following example).

    image:Graphic showing boot device selection menu.
  4. Select a boot device from the list.

    You can boot from a either a physical CD/DVD or from a virtual CD/DVD when using an .iso image.

    Control passes to the OS installation program on the media.

  5. At the boot prompt, press Enter.
  6. Follow the prompts to install the software.

    Oracle VM Server and Oracle VM Agent software are installed.

    For additional information refer to the Oracle VM Server installation documentation at:

  7. Complete the Oracle VM installation. See Completing the Oracle VM Installation.

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