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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK Reference
11g Release 1 (


Uses of Interface

Packages that use Attributes
oracle.ide.explorer Contains the interfaces and classes addins use to provide a structured view of data contained in nodes displayed in a navigator or an editor. 
oracle.ide.layout Contains interfaces and classes addins can implement or extend to provide preferred layouts for their own specialized editors. 
oracle.ide.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing JDeveloper's data model. 
oracle.ide.palette Contains classes that allow for palette integration and commands. 
oracle.ide.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the IDE runner system. 
oracle.ide.todo Contains API classes for the To Do Item feature. 
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model The base classes for defining the Audit object model. 
oracle.jdeveloper.cmt The Component Model Tool, an API for manipulating Java source code. 
oracle.jdeveloper.library The Libraries package provides the library API used by JDeveloper. 
oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.browser Offline Database Node implementations for the JDeveloper's Application Navigator. 


Uses of Attributes in oracle.ide.explorer


Classes in oracle.ide.explorer that implement Attributes
 class CellRendererAttributes
          The TNodeConstants class defines the TNode bits.


Methods in oracle.ide.explorer that return Attributes
 Attributes CellRendererAttributes.duplicate()
          Return an exact duplicate of me.
abstract  Attributes TreeExplorer.getCellRendererAttributes()
          Renderer attribute control how nodes should be rendered.


Uses of Attributes in oracle.ide.layout


Methods in oracle.ide.layout that return Attributes
 Attributes Layouts.getAttributes()


Uses of Attributes in oracle.ide.model


Classes in oracle.ide.model that implement Attributes
 class DefaultAttributes
          This class encapsulates the notion of attributes, which is a collection of boolean flags.
 class ElementAttributes
          Extends Attributes to focus on the notion of Element attributes.


Fields in oracle.ide.model declared as Attributes
static Attributes DefaultAttributes.EMPTY_ATTRIBUTES
          Classes that define no attributes should use EMPTY_ATTRIBUTES


Methods in oracle.ide.model that return Attributes
 Attributes ElementAttributes.duplicate()
          Return an exact duplicate of me.
 Attributes Attributes.duplicate()
          Returns a copy a this attribute object.
 Attributes Element.getAttributes()
          This method returns an Attributes object that encodes the attributes of the Element.
 Attributes Node.getAttributes()
 Attributes DefaultElement.getAttributes()
          Part of the Element interface.
 Attributes NodeInfo.getAttributes()
          The attributes of the Node.
 Attributes XMLDataNode.getAttributes()


Methods in oracle.ide.model with parameters of type Attributes
static void UpdateMessage.fireAttributeChanged(Subject subject, Attributes oldAttributes)
          This method sends an UpdateMessage whose ID is UpdateMessage.ATTRIBUTE_CHANGED to all oracle.ide.addin.Observers of the specified oracle.ide.addin.Subject.


Uses of Attributes in oracle.ide.palette


Methods in oracle.ide.palette that return Attributes
 Attributes PaletteItem.getAttributes()


Uses of Attributes in oracle.ide.runner


Methods in oracle.ide.runner that return Attributes
 Attributes RunProcess.getAttributes()
          Returns a this Element's Attributes.


Uses of Attributes in oracle.ide.todo


Methods in oracle.ide.todo that return Attributes
 Attributes AbstractToDoItem.getAttributes()
          Provides an attribute set


Uses of Attributes in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model


Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model that return Attributes
 Attributes ContentDirectory.getAttributes()
          This method returns an Attributes object that encodes the attributes of the Element.


Uses of Attributes in oracle.jdeveloper.cmt


Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.cmt that return Attributes
 Attributes CmtFolder.getAttributes()
          Returns oracle.ide.model.DefaultAttributes.EMPTY_ATTRIBUTES;


Uses of Attributes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.cmd


Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.cmd that return Attributes
 Attributes DeployCommand.getAttributes()


Uses of Attributes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dt


Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dt that return Attributes
 Attributes DeployProfileDt.getAttributes()
          This implementation returns attributes that make the deployment profile node deletable, saveable, renameable, closeable, and not deployable.
 Attributes DeployElement.getAttributes()
          Part of the Element interface.
 Attributes DeploymentProfiles.getAttributes()


Uses of Attributes in oracle.jdeveloper.library


Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.library that return Attributes
 Attributes LegacyLibraryList.getAttributes()


Uses of Attributes in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.browser


Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.browser that return Attributes
 Attributes ProviderNode.getAttributes()


Uses of Attributes in oracle.jdeveloper.template


Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.template that return Attributes
 Attributes AbstractTemplate.getAttributes()


Uses of Attributes in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.model


Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.model that return Attributes
 Attributes DefaultContentDirectory.getAttributes()


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Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK Reference
11g Release 1 (


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