Package atg.commerce.promotion

Interface Summary
PromotionImportExportIntegrator This class defines an interface for promotion import export actions.

Class Summary
AddItemToOrder This action takes is responsible for creating a CommerceItem object from the passed product, sku, and quantity parameters and adding it to the first order that is in a state of INCOMPLETE.
ClosenessQualifierDroplet This droplet consolidates all of the different types of closenessQualifiers (item, order, shipping, tax) of the current order into a single List and returns it in an output parameter.
ClosenessQualifierImportExportInfo This class contains all of the information about a closeness qualifier as required by the Promotions Import Export API.
CouponDroplet This droplet is used to create coupon objects in the claimable repository.
CouponFormHandler This FormHandler is used to "claim" a promotion and then stick this promotion into the users current list of promotions.
CouponImportExportInfo This class contains all of the information about a coupon, in relation to the Promotions Import Export API.
DisqualifyRemovedItemClosenessQualifiers This action sends PromotionClosenessDisqualification events for all closenessQualifiers in an item that was removed from an order.
PromotionConverter Converts promotion id's into promotion names for Xref items
PromotionDroplet Associates required param "promotion" with optional param "profile".
PromotionImportExport This is the main class for the Promotions Import Export API.
PromotionImportExportInfo This class contains all of the information about a promotion, in relation to the Promotions Import Export API, including coupons and closeness qualifiers.
PromotionImportExportSession This class contains the details of an import export session which uses the Promotions Import Export API.
PromotionImportExportStatus This class details the status information for a promotions import transaction.
PromotionServlet The PromotionServlet allows a promotion to be added to a users profile via a URL.
PromotionTools Utility service with methods to help process promotions.
PromotionUpsellProductTargeter This targeter returns all upsellProducts in the upsellAction repository items associated with the closenessQualifiers contained in the session's current order.
PromotionUpsellTargeter This targeter returns all closenessQualifiers associated with the current session's order.
PromotionUpsellTools This tools class is used by the ClosenessQualifierDroplet and the PromotionUpsell targeter to compile lists of closenessQualifiers.
PromotionUsed This message will be sent when an order is processed and contains promotions which were used.
PromotionXrefParser Parses out xrefs for promotions