Class SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort

  extended by atg.core.util.Enum
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Comparable
Enclosing class:

public static class SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort
extends Enum

ATG Search can return categorization feedback about the returned results in the form of a tree. This functionality is controlled by this attribute.

The mode value can be none, which means no categorization feedback tree is constructed. The mode value can be fulltree, which means that a full categorization tree is returned, with all intervening levels, even if they have no direct connection to the results. The mode value can be sparsetree, which means that that a categorization tree is returned, but intervening levels that have no direct connection to the results are omitted. There are several other experimental values for this attribute, but they are not in use. The default value is none. See SearchPropertyEditors.

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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
static class SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort.DocSetSortEditor
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class atg.core.util.Enum
Enum.EnumEditor, Enum.LocaleEnumEditor
Field Summary
static SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort FULLTREE
static SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort NONE
static SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort SPARSETREE
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static SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort valueOf(java.lang.String pName)
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compareTo, getEnumClassInfo, getOrdinal, iterator, iterator, lookup, lookup, lookup, lookup, readResolve, toString
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Field Detail


public static final SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort FULLTREE


public static final SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort SPARSETREE


public static final SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort NONE
Method Detail


public static SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort valueOf(java.lang.String pName)