Interface Summary
Groupable Groupable results can be grouped by property or by document.
PagedRequest Implemented by pageable request types.
PagedResponse Interface for responses from PagedRequests.
RankingExpressionGroup Interface for ranking expression groups, used by the Ranking, the custom ranking algorithm.
RankingGroup Ranking group interface

Class Summary
ActiveSentenceZoneValidation Validation type for active sentence zones
ActiveSolutionZoneValidation Validation type for active solution zones
AnswerGroup The engine returns a list of answer groups.
AppendixRule A referenced rule and its source format (syntax)
BaseConstraint Base class for creating different type of constraint implementations.
BaseValidation validation type
BooleanExpressionType Types of boolean expressions
BooleanLogic Application of boolean logic at the item level
BooleanMode Boolean mode enum
BooleanQuoteStatus Boolean quote status indicator for boolean logic
Bottom A move to the bottom rule
BrowseRequest The Browse request is returns the elements of a browsed document set or topic.
BrowseRequest.AncestryType A value of direct means that the parent and direct ancestors of the starting item set will be returned.
BrowseRequest.DocSortOrder Order of the secondary sort.
BrowseRequest.RecurseDocumentsType A mode value of on means that index items may be collected from child item sets.
BrowseRequest.Response Response type for BrowseRequest
BrowseRequest.SetSort The sort value deterimes the sort order of the descendent sets.
BrowseRequest.Sorting Sorting (grouping) for results.
Calculation Raw relevancy calculation details
Candidates List of retrieved statements from this item
Case An enum that indicates how case was constrained for the QueryTerm.
Categorization Categorization result for a CategorizeRequest.
CategorizeRequest The Categorize request contains text content to categorize using the same categorization algorithm as indexed content and queries.
CategorizeRequest.CategorizeInputMode The mode value can be one of four values.
CategorizeRequest.Response Response type for CategorizeRequest
Category A Category is part of the browse response BrowseRequest.Response.
CategoryDocument A category document is a Document with a few extra properties unique to the browse response.
CategoryRuleMatch A category rule match result
CollectionConstraint Collection constraint is used to constraint the result on a directory path of the indexed documents.
ConstraintDiagnostic Diagnostic for a single constraint (which might be an expression composed of multiple constraints)
ConstraintDiagnostics Represents a list of ConstraintDiagnostics.
ConstraintsGroup Represents multiple DocumentSetConstraint or ConstraintGroup instances with an operation definition.
ContextValidation A validation type for context.
Control A result list control and its result
CustomReportData Report data results showing terms in query that are in adaptors (including termtool)
DateConstraint Allows a constraint to a specific date or a date range.
Diagnostics Search diagnostic tracing and inspection output
DiagnosticStatus Diagnostic status enumeration
DocSortPropVal When sorting by property value, this parameter determines how the value of the property is selected when the property has multiple values.
DocSortPropValidation Validation type for doc sort property
Document The result document.
DocumentSetConstraint A generic constraint that either holds raw XML, or else constructs a specific constraint via valueOf(String).
ExcludedDocument A document listed in the rule exclusions
ExpansionEntry A term expansion entry.
Expansions Represents a loist of expansion entries.
ExpansionType Enumeration for types of query term expansions
FeedbackReport Feedback report for QueryRequests and StructuredQueryRequests.
Field Field input for TreeQueryRequest.
Field.Op Field operations.
FieldResponse Echoed field input for a TreeQueryRequest, with additional information about the associated results.
FileExtensionConstraint Constraints the results based on the file extension of the indexed file.
fNValidation fN validation type
Group A result group containing the item (may be more than one group) for diagnostic trace grouping
Grouping Result grouping activity
GroupingMode grouping mode for diagnostic trace's result collection.
HDoc Agiven document only appears in a single partition, and within that partition it has a handle, or id.
IndexedItemProperty Indexed property value, in the form name==value
InputPositionType Input position enumeration
InputType Input type enumeration
Inspect Traced item inspection details
Item Search trace for an item
ItemFormatConstraint Used to constraint the result based on the indexed item type.
ItemInspect An item's details in an inspection
ItemProperty Metadata for an inspected item
ItemRetrieval Step 1: Term look up of items, plus application of boolean logic and other limits
ItemSet Category Browse item set result
ItemSummary Summary status of search phases
ItemTrace Search trace for an item
ItemType Enumeration of item types
KeywordConstraint This constraint is used for keyword constraints on the query.
KeywordType Enumeration for keyword constraint types
LanguageConstraint Document language constraint.
Limit item retrieval limit
Limits List of item retrieval limits.
LogicNode Custom logic node
LogicTree custom query logic tree
Movement An application of a movement (positional) rule on a statement, with resulting value
Movements List of result movements, or positional rules, applied to statements, if any
Multiplier An application of a result multipler on a statement, with resulting value
Multipliers List of result multipliers, applied to statements, if any
NumericConstraint Numeric value constraint on the query.
NumOp Enumeration for numeric operators.
oNsNfNValidation oNsNfN validation type
oNValidation oN validation type.
OpType Operaption type enum for RankingGroupOp.
ParserOptions Text processing options for requests.
Pool The appplication of the minimum relevancy threshold
PoolNValidation PoolN validation type
ProcessedResponse A processed response from a single partition.
ProcessedSearchResult A single processed result from a single partition, part of a processed response.
PropConstraint A property constraint.
PropType Enumeration of property types for constraints
PropValidation Property validation type
QueryAction list of query action items
QueryActionItem Represents a query rule action item.
QueryRequest The query request is the most widely used search request type.
QueryRequest.DocSetSort Enumeration for docset sorting.
QueryRequest.DocSortOrder Doc sort order enumeration type.
QueryRequest.Mode Query mode enumeration.
QueryRequest.RequestMode Reuqest mode enumeration type.
QueryRequest.Response Query Response type
QueryRequest.RuleMode Rule mode enumeration type.
QueryRequest.Sorting Enumeration type for answer sorting or grouping.
QueryRequest.Strategy Search strategy type.
QueryRule A query rule is a list of query rule operations.
QueryRuleOperation This is a query rule operation, part of a QueryRule.
QueryTerm Represents a query term.
QueryTerms A collection of QueryTerms and various stats.
QueryTermsMode Query term mode enumeration.
RankConfigCalculation Ranking (search) config calculation details.
RankConfigValidation Rank config validation type.
RankFormulaValidation Ranking formula validation type.
Ranking Custom ranking algorithm.
RankingExpressionGroupBoolean Boolean ranking expression group
RankingExpressionGroupContains A "contains" group for a group.
RankingExpressionGroupDate Ranking expression group for dates.
RankingExpressionGroupDocUrl Ranking expression group for document URLs.
RankingExpressionGroupField Ranking expression group for fields
RankingExpressionGroupFileType Ranking expression for file types, using the extension.
RankingExpressionGroupFormat Ranking expression group for file formats.
RankingExpressionGroupLanguage Ranking expression group for a language (as defined by Language).
RankingExpressionGroupNumProp Ranking expression group for a number property.
RankingExpressionGroupProp Ranking expression group for properties, where the type is a string value from PropType.
RankingExpressionGroupRelevance Ranking expression group for relevance.
RankingExpressionGroupSet Ranking expression group for a document set.
RankingExpressionGroupStrProp Ranking expression group for string properties.
RankingExpressionGroupText Ranking expression group for text
RankingExpressionGroupTitle Ranking expression group for titles.
RankingGroupBlock Ranking group block containing arbitrary expressions.
RankingGroupIfElse Ranking group if-else control structure
RankingGroupLoop Ranking expression group for a loop structure
RankingGroupOp Ranking group operation.
RankProperty One ranking property score and associated details
RefineConfigValidation Refinement configuration validation type.
RefineCountType Modes for counting refinement values
RefineElementValidation Refinement element validation type
Refinement Refinement result value object.
Refinements Search Refinements value object, a list of Refinements and some other info.
RefinementSortOrder Refinement sort order enumeration
RefinementValue An individual refinement value
RelatedDocset A related document set, sometimes included in a Document.
RelatedDocumentSet Related document set, used by FeedbackReport.
RelatedDocumentSets A list of RelatedDocumentSets.
RelatedPhraseTerm A related phrase term
RelatedPhraseTerms A list of RelatedPhraseTerms.
RelatedResponseObjects Related response object.
RelatedSentenceTerm Related sentence term
RelatedSentenceTerms A list of RelatedSentenceTerms
RelatedStatement related statement result.
RelevanceType Relevance type enumeration.
Relevancy Relevancy portion of an ItemTrace.
ReportDataControl Controls the generation of NLP reportings data that's passed into the search reporting events to generate NLP-related search reports.

Controls the following reports: Length Report, Number Report, Unknown Report, Null Term Report, Nulx Term Report, Finder Term Report, Custom Term Report, Type Report, Topic Report, Top N Report.

ReportDataResults Report data results, from ReportDataControl.
RequestVariable Represents a request variable used by a rank config.
RequestVariables Represents a list of RequestVariables used in rank configs.
ResponseFormat Controls the response format.
ResponseGroup A Response group is part of the ResponseTree.
ResponseTree The response tree appears in QueryRequest.Response, SimilarDocsRequest.Response, and StructuredQueryRequest.Response.
Result A single result (answer) in QueryRequest.Response, SimilarDocsRequest.Response, or StructuredQueryRequest.Response.
ResultCollection The result collection step of the ItemTrace.
ResultCountType Result count type enum
ResultListControls Result list controls component of ResultCollection.
Rule an exclusion or positioning rule
RuleAppendix Source format (syntax) of any rules referred to in the response
RuleExclusions Query rules that would have excluded documents if enabled (debugExclusion="true")
RuleModeValidation Rule mode validation type
RuleMove A move rule
RulePositioning Query rules that re-positioned results
SearchRequest All search requests extend this.
SearchResponse A SearchEngineCommandResponse that also provides search-command-specific information.
SearchResultsResponse A SearchEngineCommandResponse that also provides search result specific information.
SelectConfig If refineDebug is true, and $map is passed as the refineConfig, this element shows what configurations were considered and the one that was selected
SelectConfigMapping Select config mapping, used by SelectConfig.
SelectedTopic A topic from the engine comprising a topic ID and path.
Sentence An inspected sentence.
SetConstraint Set constraint is used to constraint the result on a directory path of the indexed documents.
SetValidation Set validation type
SimilarDocsRequest Similar docs request.
SimilarDocsRequest.DocSetSort ATG Search can return categorization feedback about the returned results in the form of a tree.
SimilarDocsRequest.DocSortOrder Doc sort order enumeration type.
SimilarDocsRequest.Mode Mode enumeration type.
SimilarDocsRequest.Response Response type for SimilarDocsRequest.
sNValidation Validation type for sN.
SortPropValidation Sort property validation type
Source Source information about how the configuration was constructed
SourceTerm A source term.
SpellingTerm Spelling term value object.
SpellingType Enumeration of spell-correction types
StatementCandidate A retrieved statement's text and other information
StatementRetrieval Second step of ItemTrace.
StemLookup A stem or synonym of a term for diagnostics
StringConstraint String value constraint on the query
StructuredQueryRequest Structured query request, also called 'fielded search.'
StructuredQueryRequest.DocSetSort Doc set sort enumeration.
StructuredQueryRequest.DocSortOrder Doc sort order enumeration.
StructuredQueryRequest.Response Response type for StructuredQueryRequest.
StructuredStatement Structured statement used in creating structured request
StructuredStatement.Mode ATG Search handles natural language and Boolean queries.
StructuredStatement.Operator The Structured Query request must aggregate the results of the individual queries into a final results list, using the retrieved index items.
StructuredStatement.Strategy ATG Search has a large number of search parameters that control the generic search algorithm.
SuggestedCategory A Suggested category or topic for a document
Suggestion a spelling suggestion and its frequency in the index.
Summary Diagnostic search summary
TargetLanguageValidation Validation type for target language
Term A term.
TermCountType Enumeration for term counts.
TermLookup Term lookup of an item
TermLookupOp Boolean operator of a lookup term
TermOp Simple operator of term
TextMatch A text match result.
Threshold The appplication of the minimum relevancy threshold
tNValidation tN validation type.
Top A move to the top rule
Topic A topic from the engine comprising a topic ID and path.
Trace A list of ItemTraces.
TraceExpression An expression that determines which items should be traced.
TreeQueryRequest Tree query request.
TreeQueryRequest.DocSortOrder Sort order of resulting groups.
TreeQueryRequest.Response TreeQueryRequest Response type
Type Type of control
TypeAheadRequest This class is used to issue Type Ahead requests to the engine.
TypeAheadRequest.Response Response class for the TypeAheadRequest class
TypeAheadSortType An Enum class for the sort order types for the TypeAheadRequest class
URLConstraint Constraints the results to the given URL string of the indexed document.
Validation Various checks on the validity of the request given the content
ViewDocumentRequest The ViewDocument request retrieves a document, document information, or a full item inspection using DocumentContextInfo String, the doc's URL, or a property-value pair.
ViewDocumentRequest.Response Response type for the ViewDocumentRequest
ViewDocumentRequest.Return The Return type determines what the ViewDocument request returns.
ViewDocumentRequest.Section HTML section type enumeration.
ViewedDocument A viewed document, returned by ViewDocumentRequest.