Class Summary
AdminFormHandler Base implementation of a Generic Form Handler done for Admin-like tasks
CurrentUser This Servlet provides the current top level personae authenticated with the given UserAuthority.
FormLoginPipelineServlet The FormLoginPipelineServlet implements form logins as defined by Servlet 2.2.
FormLoginSession The FormLoginSession stores information about whether an attempt is being made to log in to a form.
SecurityAccessor The SecurityAccessor conditionally renders its oparameter based on the value of allowGroup, denyGroup parameter.
ServletSecurityUtils UserResolver is a collection of static methods to help Security Servlets and droplets to resolve the User instance from the current HttpSession as well as to see if a an element from a list of Personae is represented within User
ThreadUserBinderServlet A pipeline servlet that associates the current session's User object with the current request thread.
UserLoginManager The UserLoginManager class maintains two separate objects: The User object, which acts as a wallet of Personae for security purposes.