Package atg.servlet.pipeline

Interface Summary
Authenticator This interface describes objects that are able to authenticate userid/password combinations.
InsertableServlet An InsertableServlet is a PipelineableServlet that knows how to splice itself into an existing servlet pipeline at startup time.
PipelineableServlet A PipelineableServlet is a Servlet that knows how to operate in a PipelineServlet.

Class Summary
BasicAuthenticationPipelineServlet This pipeline servlet implements Basic authentication.
BasicAuthenticator This implementation of Authenticator takes a single property, passwords.
CookiePipelineServlet The CookiePipelineServlet extracts any cookies found in the request's headers and puts them into an attribute named ATTRIBUTE_NAME.
DispatcherPipelineServletImpl This will redirect a request to one of several servlets based on some dispatching attribute of the request.
DynamoPipelineServlet This servlet performs dynamo specific processing on the request and response object.
FileFinderPipelineServlet This pipeline servlet will set the pathTranslated by appending the pathInfo to the document root (set as a property).
HeadPipelineServlet This servlet acts as the head of the servlet pipeline.
InsertableServletImpl An InsertableServletImpl is an implementation of an InsertableServlet that splices itself into a servlet pipeline in doStartService.
MimeTypeDispatcherPipelineServlet This will redirect a request to one of several servlets based on the mime-type of the request.
MimeTyperPipelineServlet This pipeline servlet will add an attribute factory for the attribute MimeTyperPipelineServlet.ATTRIBUTE_NAME.
PipelineableServletImpl A PipelineableServletImpl is an implementation of a PipelineableServlet that also implements Servlet.
ServletPathDispatcherPipelineServlet This will redirect a request to one of several servlets based on the servlet path of the request.
ServletPathPipelineServlet This pipeline servlet will split a pathInfo into a servletPath/pathInfo combination.
SessionPipelineServlet This adds an attribute factory for the HttpSessionRequest object that contains session information about this request's session.
URLArgumentPipelineServlet A URL may carry arguments in the pathInfo part of the URI, which are separate from the query arguments.