Interface Summary
TemplateEmailListener A listener that is notified of TemplateEmailEvents.

Class Summary
HtmlContentProcessor A MessageContentProcessor which takes in HTML content and converts it into plain text.
MessageContentProcessor A service which processes the content of an email message in some application-specific way, and stuffs the resulting content into the passed in javax.mail.Message object.
MessageContentProcessor.UrlAndMimeType Holds the URL and the last mime type of the template.
SimpleContentProcessor A MessageContentProcessor which doesn't do any processing on the passed in content, but simply uses it as is to set the Message content.
TemplateEmailEvent An event that is used to notify the TemplateEmailListener objects of sent/unsent email messages.
TemplateEmailInfo An abstract class representing an object which contains all the information pertaining to a particular piece of email to be sent out, and uses that information to create and fill in the corresponding javax.mail.Message objects.
TemplateEmailInfoImpl A concrete extension of the TemplateEmailInfo class that contains the standard email message attributes as properties (messageFrom, messageSubject, etc.) and uses them to construct Message objects.
TemplateEmailSender The TemplateEmailSender service is responsible for sending template-based email.
TemplateInvoker A class for invoking rendering a specified JSP/JHTML template.

Exception Summary
InvalidRecipientAddressException A subclass of TemplateEmailException that occurs when an email Message is being constructed for a particular recipient, and the recipient's email address turns out to be invalid.
TemplateEmailException Represents an exception that occurs while composing or sending a piece of template-based email.