Package atg.versionmanager

Interface Summary
Asset Represents the items under control of the version management system.
AssetVersion An immutable wrapper for a specific version of an asset under version control.
Branch Branches comprise of a set of versions, one for each asset included in the branch.
DevelopmentLine A DevelopmentLine is a set of versions, with one from each included asset.
ManagedElement A base interface for all objects under control of a version manager.
Snapshot A development line holding a fixed set of versions.
WorkingVersion An editable resource created by checking out an asset version in a workspace.
Workspace A DevelopmentLine that controls changes to versioned resources.

Class Summary
VersionManager Services for managing a collection of resources under version control.
VersionManagerURI URIs used by the version manager are of the form DEV_LINE = atgvm://versionmanager/development-line-name REPOSITORY_ITEM = atgvm://versionmanager/versioned-repository-name/item-descriptor-name/item-id#version-id VIRTUAL_FILE = atgvm://versionmanager/versioned-virtual-filesystem-name/virtual-file-path#version NOTE: A version manager URI is not thread-safe.
WorkingContext.WorkingContextService An instance to use to expose logging and other settings to nucleus.
WorkingContext.WorkingContextSnapshot An opaque class representing the state of the WorkingContext stack for this thread.