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Oracle® Clinical Remote Data Capture Classic Data Entry User's Guide
Release 4.6.2

Part Number E18824-01
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Part III

RDC Classic GUI Reference

This part of the RDC Classic manual describes the components of the RDC Classic Graphical User Interface, how to use them, and how they interact. It includes sections that address the windows, Spreadsheet, task tabs, toolbar, and menus. All of these components are part of the RDC Classic Graphical User Interface, or GUI.

Although the main part of RDC Classic The GUI is the part of the application that you view and use through

The GUI components are categorized here by function and structure, however, certain components are important enough to require an entire chapter to discuss and describe them adequately.

You should review this section prior to working with the Task-based sections so you are familiar with the terminology used in the task descriptions.

The sections that make up this part of the manual are: