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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User Interface Customization Guide for Oracle WebCenter Interaction
10g Release 4 (

Part Number E14110-03
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Title and Copyright Information


1 Introduction to UI Customization

Part I Customizing Portal Look and Feel

2 Portal Page Layout

3 Using Adaptive Page Layouts

4 Using Adaptive Styles (CSS Customization)

5 Customizing Portal Layout Using CSS - Legacy User Interface

6 Using String Replacement

7 Customizing Experience Definitions

Part II Customizing Portal Functionality

8 Customizing Portal Login

9 Customizing Portal Navigation

10 Customizing Portal Search

Part III Advanced UI Customization

11 Portal UI Architecture

12 Using PEIs

13 Using View Replacement

14 Creating Custom Activity Spaces

15 Accessing Portal Objects

16 Adding Custom Images

17 Using VarPacks (Variable Packages)

18 Deploying Custom Code Using Dynamic Discovery

Part IV Appendices and Additional References

A Portal Configuration Files

B Portal API Documentation