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Oracle® Traffic Director Administrator's Guide
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E21036-04
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5.1 Creating Oracle Traffic Director Instances

You can create Oracle Traffic Director instances of a configuration by using either the administration console or the CLI.


The CLI examples in this section are shown in shell mode (tadm>). For information about invoking the CLI shell, see Section 2.3.1, "Accessing the Command-Line Interface."

Prerequisites for Creating Oracle Traffic Director Instances

To be able to create an instance, you should have done the following:

Creating Oracle Traffic Director Instances Using the Administration Console

To create Oracle Traffic Director instances of a configuration by using the administration console, do the following:

  1. Log in to the administration console, as described in Section 2.3.2, "Accessing the Administration Console."

  2. Click the Configurations button that is situated at the upper left corner of the page.

    A list of the available configurations is displayed.

  3. Select the configuration for which you want to create an instance.

  4. In the Common Tasks pane, click New Instance.

    The New Instance wizard is displayed. The wizard lists the available administration nodes.


    • For a host to be listed as an available administration node, it should be designated as an administration node as described in Section 3.1, "Creating an Administration Node"

    • On an administration node, you can create only one instance of a particular configuration. So if an instance of the configuration that you are trying to deploy already exists on the administration node, the node is not displayed.

  5. Select the check boxes corresponding to the administration nodes on which you want to create instances of the configuration. Then, click Next.

  6. On the resulting screen of the wizard, review the list of administration nodes that you selected. Then, click Create Instance.

    A message is displayed confirming the successful creation of the instance.

  7. Click Close.

    The Instances page is displayed, showing the instance that you just created.

Creating an Oracle Traffic Director Instance Using the CLI

To create one or more Oracle Traffic Director instances, run the create-instance command.

For example, the following command creates an instance of the configuration named soa on each of the nodes, apps2 and apps2.

tadm> create-instance --config=soa apps1 apps2
OTD-70201 Command 'create-instance' ran successfully.

For more information about create-instance, see the Oracle Traffic Director Command-Line Reference or run the command with the --help option.

For each Oracle Traffic Director configuration that you instantiate on an administration node, a subdirectory named net-config_name is created in the INSTANCE_HOME subdirectory.