Class For

  extended by atg.nucleus.logging.VariableArgumentApplicationLoggingImpl
      extended by atg.nucleus.GenericService
          extended by atg.nucleus.TimedOperationService
              extended by atg.nucleus.servlet.ServletService
                  extended by atg.nucleus.servlet.HttpServletService
                      extended by atg.servlet.DynamoServlet
                          extended by atg.droplet.For
All Implemented Interfaces:
NameContextBindingListener, NameContextElement, NameResolver, AdminableService, ApplicationLogging, atg.nucleus.logging.ApplicationLoggingSender, atg.nucleus.logging.TraceApplicationLogging, atg.nucleus.logging.VariableArgumentApplicationLogging, ComponentNameResolver, Service, ServiceListener, ParameterServlet, java.util.EventListener, javax.servlet.Servlet

public class For
extends DynamoServlet

This servlet renders its output parameter howMany times. The howMany parameter must be a String representation of an int.

Each iteration will set the parameters index and count to the current loop index (0-based) and count (1-based), respectively.

The parameter that defines the number of times to render the output parameter.
This parameter is rendered the number of times specified by the howmany parameter.
This parameter is set to the number of the current iteration of the loop. Its value for the first iteration of the loop is 0.
This parameter is set to the number of the current iteration of the loop. Its value for the first iteration of the loop is 1.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
          Class version string
static java.lang.String COUNT
static java.lang.String HOW_MANY
static java.lang.String HOW_MANY_OLD
static java.lang.String INDEX
static java.lang.String INDEX_NAME
static java.lang.String OUTPUT
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void service(DynamoHttpServletRequest pReq, DynamoHttpServletResponse pRes)
          This method provides the default implementation of service, by dispatching to conventionally named methods which begin with "do".
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Field Detail


public static java.lang.String CLASS_VERSION
Class version string


public static final java.lang.String INDEX
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Constant Field Values


public static final java.lang.String COUNT
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Constant Field Values


public static final java.lang.String OUTPUT
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public static final java.lang.String HOW_MANY
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Constant Field Values


public static final java.lang.String INDEX_NAME
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public static final java.lang.String HOW_MANY_OLD
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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public For()
Method Detail


public void service(DynamoHttpServletRequest pReq,
                    DynamoHttpServletResponse pRes)
             throws javax.servlet.ServletException,
Description copied from class: DynamoServlet
This method provides the default implementation of service, by dispatching to conventionally named methods which begin with "do".

service in class DynamoServlet
pReq - the request to be processed
pRes - the response object for this request
javax.servlet.ServletException - an application specific error occurred processing this request - an error occurred reading data from the request or writing data to the response.