Package atg.integrations

Interface Summary
Command Command is an interface for the actual end point in the generic RPC Framework that executes RPC.
CommandHandler A CommandHandler is an interface that allows an implementing class to either process a Command and input to the Command before it is executed, or after it is executed.

Class Summary
BaseCommand Base Command class that specific implementations can extend.
BaseCommandHandler This class is the implementaion of CommandHandler interface that calls the nextCommandHandler if it is defined, or will executes the Command object passed if it is not..
CommandResult CommandResult is a transport independent representation of the results from a RPC call.
ExternalRepositoryUpdate This class processes messages sent by external systems when synchronized objects are updated or added.
MapRPCDroplet This Servlet executes the RPC Command and renders its output paramter.

Exception Summary
CommandInvocationException Base exception that is thrown by the execute() and executeCommand() methods of the Command and CommandHandler interface respectively.
CommandTimeoutException Exception used to indicate time out during RPC command execution.
InvalidInputException Exception used to indicate invalid input to a RPC command execution.