Package atg.nucleus

Interface Summary
AdminableService If a service implements this method, then the service declares that it will provide a Servlet to use in examining the Servlet by the administrative UI.
Configuration A Configuration is an object that knows how to create and configure a service in the nucleus hierarchy.
ConfigurationFinder A ConfigurationFinder is an object that looks for a Configuration given a configuration name.
ConfigurationFinder.ConfigurationList Inner interface that records a collection of configurations discovered by calling listConfigurations().
GlobalScope This interface is a "marker" for Java configuration files that are to be global-scoped.
PropertyValueFormatter This interface defines an object that can format a String from a value.
RequestScope This interface is a "marker" for Java configuration files that are to be request-scoped.
Service A Service is an object that can be notified of events that occur within Nucleus.
ServiceListener A ServiceListener understands events that occur during the lifetime of a Service.
SessionScope This interface is a "marker" for Java configuration files that are to be session-scoped.
Validateable By implementing this interface, a service indicates that it is to be validated periodically.
ValueFormatter Objects that implement this interface are recognized by the property value printer in the admin UI.

Class Summary
BeanConfigurator A BeanConfigurator configures a bean from a Properties list of name/value String pairs.
GenericContext A GenericContext is a subclass of GenericService that also implements NameContext and NameContextBindingEventSource.
GenericReference When this service is started it will resolve the component through the componentPath property and bind that new object into the name of this service.
GenericRMIService This is a combination of GenericService and UnicastRemoteObject, thereby serving as a convenient base for objects that will be exported by the RMIServer.
GenericService A GenericService is a basic implementation of the Service interfaces.
InitialService This service is used to initialize all of Nucleus.
JavaConfigurationClassLoader This implementation of ClassLoader is tied to a particular directory and is meant load classes that do not specify a package.
JavaConfigurationClassLoaders This maintains a table mapping each directory to the JavaConfigurationClassLoader appropriate to that directory.
KeyGenerator This class contains utility methods for generating public and private keys for DSA signing.
MultipleConfigurationFinder A MultipleConfigurationFinder contains other ConfigurationFinders, which are called in then order they were added to search for a configuration.
Nucleus A Nucleus serves two purposes: it is the root of a NameContext hierarchy, and it implements the policies for resolving names in the hierarchy.
PropertyValueFormatters This class can find the PropertyValueFormatter for a specified object.
RequestScopeManager A RequestScopeManager manages a set of hierarchies that are meant to hold "request-scoped" objects.
ServiceAdminServlet A ServiceAdminServlet is the base class for services that wish to provide an HTTP interface.
ServiceEvent A ServiceEvent encapsulates information related to a ServiceListener's environment on startup and shutdown.
ServiceMap A ServiceMap is a subclass of Hashtable in which a string is mapped to a Nucleus service.
TimedOperationService A TimedOperationService is a subclass of GenericService that generally performs a single function or request.
Validator This class contains utility methods for validating the property values of a service against a DSA signature.
VMSystem Contains an admin interface for doing VM System-level operations: GC, finalization, listing Threads, etc.

Exception Summary
ServiceException Represents an exception thrown by a Service attempting to start or stop.
ValidationException This exception is thrown by services implementing Validateable that fail validation.