Package atg.projects.b2cstore

Class Summary
B2CEmailFormHandler This class handles sending an email to Pioneer Cycling's customer support group.
B2CProfileFormHandler Before creating the user, check whether the user has requested that her/his billing address be used as the shipping address.
B2CSearchFormHandler This form handler extends the DCS SearchFormHandler by overriding the handleSearch method to fire a message to the scenario manager, and by adding a one-step simple search set/handler pair.
CancelOrder Deprecated. Use the atg.commerce.order.purchase.CancelOrderFormHandler instead
GeographicValidator This component stores a set of abbreviations, a set of names, and a map of the relationship between one and the other.
ItemDiscountMultiplierCalculator This calculator knows how to adjust the amount of a discount by factor N, where N is the adjuster amount as defined in a PricingModel.
OrderCanceller Deprecated. Use the atg.commerce.order.CancelOrderService instead
PartsFilterFormHandler This form handler uses form input to generate an SGML targeting rule that targets parts in a repository.
SearchEventSender This component sends an message when its fireSearchEvent() method is called.
SearchMessage Message sent in response to a catalog search within the bikestore.

Exception Summary
B2CProfileException This class is used for error handling in Pioneer Cycling profile management area.