Package atg.repository

Interface Summary
MutableRepositoryItem RepositoryItem that can be updated.
NamedQueryView This is a RepositoryView add-on that provides methods to allow the creation of Named Queries
ParameterSupportQueryBuilder Provides support for parameter QueryExpressions.
ParameterSupportView This interface provides one variation of executeQuery(..) for every existing variation in atg.repository.RepositoryView with the addition of an Object[] argument representing the values of any parameter QueryExpression objects present in the provided Query argument.
PropertiesChangedListener Classes implement this interface when they want to be notified of a PropertiesChangedEvent when a set of properties in an item descriptor have been updated.
Query A non-specific definition of a particular query syntax.
QueryBuilder This object is used to build Query objects that can be passed to the Repository.
QueryExpression A non-specific definition of a subpiece of a query.
Repository Represents a collection of RepositoryItems.
RepositoryItemGroup This interface defines a logical grouping of RepositoryItems.
RepositoryView The RepositoryView defines a constrained representation of the entire Repository.
RepositoryViewContainer Declares an interface where objects may contain RepositoryViews.
SecuredMutableRepository An extension of the Repository interface that adds security features.
SecuredMutableRepositoryItem A mutable repository item that has security features.
SecuredRepository An extension of the Repository interface that adds security features.
SecuredRepositoryItem A repository item that has security features.
SecuredRepositoryView A repository view within a secured repository.
SortingConstants Constants used by the SortDirectives.

Class Summary
FilePropertyDescriptor This is a simple read-only property descriptor which takes a path name and converts this to a object.
ItemDescriptorImpl A simple implementation of RepositoryItemDescriptor which supports adding and removing DynamicPropertyDescriptors.
NotEmptyChooserPropertyDescriptor A property descriptor to be used with a Repository that returns the first object that is not empty or the merged collection of all non-empty values.
PropertiesChangedEvent This event gets fired by an ItemDescriptor when a set of properties on that item descriptor have been modified.
QueryOptions A bean class to holding properties that specify ways that a query may be modified: startingIndex - the index of the first element of a query result set that should actually be returned endingIndex - the index of the last element of a query result set that should actually be returned sortDirectives - specifies the sort order of the a query's result set.
RepositoryImpl This is a base class which you can use to start your implementation of a repository.
RepositoryServices A collection of web service methods pertaining to repositories
RepositorySorter A RepositorySorter performs sorting on an array of RepositoryItem objects, returned as a result of a targeting operation.
RepositoryUtils This utility class is home to methods that can be used to operate against repositories, repository items and properties.
RepositoryViewImpl This is a basic implementation for the RepositoryView class.
SortDirective A structure representing a single sorting directive in a SortDirectives object.
SortDirectives A structure representing a set of sorting directives.

Exception Summary
ConcurrentUpdateException This exception is thrown when an update is made to an item using stale data.
DuplicateIdException A RepositoryException that indicates an attempt was made to use a RepositoryItem id that is already in use.
RepositoryException This exception indicates that a severe error occured while performing a Repository task.
UnsupportedFeatureException A subclass of RepositoryException which indicates that a feature is not supported by an implementation of the Repository.