Package atg.repository.servlet

Interface Summary
RepositoryFormConstants Constants used by various RepositoryForm* classes
RepositoryFormData This interface defines the methods that must be implemented by classes which will use the

Class Summary
ItemLookupDroplet This servlet looks for a RepositoryItem by its id from within a Repository.
NavHistory When you are walking in the woods, experts recommend carrying a loaf of bread and throwing down bread crumbs everywhere you walk so that when you would like to return, you can follow a trail of breadcrumbs to your home.
NavHistoryCollector This droplet is what you would use to throw down a trail of breadcrumbs that will show the user the way that he has navigated your site to arrive at the page he is on.
NavHistoryItem This simple bean is used by RepositoryNavigator and NavHistory to contain those occasional site locations that do not correspond to a repository item.
PossibleValues This servlet queries a repository and returns all tag values or repository items for a given itemDescriptorName and propertyName depending on the type of the property identified by propertyName.
RepositoryFormDataImpl A minimal, stand-alone implementation of RepositoryFormData.
RepositoryFormHandler This is a form handler for operating on repository items.
RepositoryFormHashtable Defines a hashtable with a property mapper which is case insensitive and does not give hard errors for properties that are not currently defined.
RepositoryFormList This class is used by the RepositoryFormHandler.
RepositoryFormMap This class is used by the RepositoryFormHandler.
RepositoryQueryServlet Servlet used to execute a repository query
RepositoryServlet This class serves as a base class for servlet interaction with a Repository.
RQLQueryForEach This servlet executes a RQL query and renders its output parameter for each element returned by the query.
RQLQueryForEach.RQLQueryReturnData RQLQueryReturnData
RQLQueryRange This servlet executes a RQL query and renders its output parameter for a selected subset of the elements returned by the query.
SearchFormHandler This form handler can be used to search repositories with any combination of several search types: Keyword, Text, Hierarchical, Advanced.
XMLRepositoryFormHandler This class is an extension of RepositoryFormHandler that has a few additional features.