Package atg.rview

Interface Summary
CacheInvalidationListener This event listener outlines the calls that outside parties can use to cause the RelationalViews system to invalidate various caches.

Class Summary
CacheInfo Contains information about the runtime state of the caching system, and of each of the individual caches.
CacheInfoEntry Contains information about the runtime state of one cache in the system.
ColumnDeclaration This represents the declaration of a column, to be used as part of a TableDeclaration object.
DefinitionFileHandler This class contains a set of static methods that allow relational view definition files to be manipulated programmatically (that is, without creating an actual text version of the definition file).
InvalidationRelay The InvalidationRelay is used to broadcast cache invalidations from one RelationalViewManager to other RelationalViewManagers, thereby allowing them to keep their caches in sync.
Jdbc2rview This utility reads the metadata from a JDBC connection and produces a RelationalViews Definition File and Beans Definition File that represents a "first-cut" representation of the data model.
RelationalView A RelationalView comprises two parts: An ordered set of rows from a table, or joined set of tables A mapping from the columns of one such row to the properties of a Java bean
RelationalViewDroplet The RelationalViewDroplet will perform one of the select operations on a RelationalView, place the result into the result parameter, then render the output parameter.
RelationalViewManager This represents the central service that controls all of the RelationalViews for an application.
RelationalViewManagerImpl This is an implementation of RelationalViewManager, implemented as a Nucleus service.
ResultSetProcessor A ResultSetProcessor will read rows from a ResultSet and convert those rows into objects by assigning column values to property values.
TableDeclaration This represents the declaration of a table, comprising ColumnDeclaration objects.
TypeInfo Represents some properties from the database TypeInfo metadata.
TypeInfoMap A TypeInfoMap maps JDBC types to database-specific type information, including the database-specific type name, and creation parameters.

Exception Summary
RelationalViewException Represents an exception encountered when trying to process a RelationalView's specification into working RelationalView objects.