Package atg.userprofiling

Interface Summary
AccessAllowedListener A listener that listens for AccessAllowedEvents.
AccessController This interface describes objects that perform access control on users, represented by Profile objects.
AccessDeniedListener A listener that listens for AccessDeniedEvents.
ProfileRepositoryItem NOTE: This interface is now empty because the transient property was moved into the super-interface atg.repository.RepositoryItem.
ProfileRequestConstants This interface defines constants which are used during handling profile requests.
RepositoryUpdateEvent Concerning events used with the default action handlers, some configurations want several updates to the same property (a RepositoryItem) to be done at the same time, instead of individually.

Class Summary
AccessAllowedEvent An event that gets fired when a user is allowed access to a page.
AccessControlServlet This pipeline servlet performs access control for a set of request URL paths, based on the Profile object associated with the request.
AccessDeniedEvent An event that gets fired when a user is denied access to a page.
ForgotPasswordHandler This class provides a form handler for handling requests related to forgot password functionality.
GroupAccessController This implementation of AccessController performs group-based access control.
MultiProfileAddFormHandler This is a form handler for creating one or more user profiles with a single submit request.
MultiProfileForm This is the base class for a form handler for updating one or more user profiles with a single request.
MultiProfileUpdateFormHandler This is a form handler for updating one or more user profiles with a single request.
MultiUserAddFormHandler This FormHandler will take care of setting user directory properties for new users.
MultiUserUpdateFormHandler This is an extension of MultiProfileUpdateFormHandler that handles the updating of UserDirectory profile properties.
PageEventTrigger This class is used to fire events/messages when pages are viewed, or certain links are clicked
PageEventTriggerDroplet A droplet which can be used to fire off page viewed events.
ProfileEventTrigger Contains methods for firing off various profile related session events.
ProfileForm This class is a base class used to handle actions involving Profiles.
ProfileFormHandler This class provides a convenient form handler for operating on the current user's profile.
ProfileRequest This represents Profile information associated with a request in an HTTP-specific usage of profiles.
ProfileServices A collection of web services that duplicate common userprofiling functionality provided via form handlers and repository functions
ProfileSessionFailService This service is used to preserve a user's active profile in the event of a session failover to another Dynamo server.
ProfileTools A general set of tools which help manipulate profiles.
PropertyManager A service which keeps track of information about important properties for the Dynamo Personalization System.
RepositoryLinkProfileItemFinder An extension of RepositoryProfileItemFinder which finds the profile items by querying the linked repository instead of, or in addition to, the regular profile repository.
RepositoryProfileItemFinder Finds profile repository items by querying the profile repository.
RuleAccessController This implementation of AccessController performs access control based on an arbitrary set of rules, specified via the service's ruleSetService property, which defines the rules.
SessionEvent A simple session event.
SessionEventTrigger This class fires off SessionEvents for new sessions and expired sessions.