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Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Installation Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
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1.  Planning the Geographic Edition Installation

Installation Process

Planning Cluster Hardware

Planning Required Software

Planning the Data Replication Software

Planning Resource and Resource Group Names

Planning Required IP Addresses and Hostnames

Planning the Geographic Edition Environment


Logical Hostnames

Zone Clusters

2.  Installing Geographic Edition Software

3.  Enabling and Configuring the Geographic Edition Software

4.  Upgrading the Geographic Edition Software

5.  Uninstalling Geographic Edition 4.0 Software


Planning Cluster Hardware

This section helps you to plan your hardware for the primary cluster, the secondary cluster, and the inter-cluster communication.

The Geographic Edition hardware configuration consists of the following elements:

The hardware configurations that Geographic Edition software supports are identical to the hardware configurations that the Oracle Solaris Cluster product supports. For use of Geographic Edition software with storage-based data replication mechanisms, the cluster hardware configurations are those configurations that support the related storage hardware. Partner clusters must be compatibly configured to support data replication between the clusters.

Internet access is required between partner clusters. The communication between partner clusters for inter-cluster management operations is through a logical-hostname IP address. The default inter-cluster heartbeat module also communicates through a logical-hostname IP address.

A cluster in a Geographic Edition partnership conforms to the standard configuration rules of a cluster that is running Oracle Solaris Cluster software.