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Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Installation Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
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1.  Planning the Geographic Edition Installation

Installation Process

Planning Cluster Hardware

Planning Required Software

Planning the Data Replication Software

Planning Resource and Resource Group Names

Planning Required IP Addresses and Hostnames

Planning the Geographic Edition Environment


Logical Hostnames

Zone Clusters

2.  Installing Geographic Edition Software

3.  Enabling and Configuring the Geographic Edition Software

4.  Upgrading the Geographic Edition Software

5.  Uninstalling Geographic Edition 4.0 Software


Planning Required Software

This section helps you to adapt the configuration of your Oracle Solaris Cluster software for the installation of Geographic Edition software. This section also helps you to plan the installation of your data replication software.

Geographic Edition software must be installed on a cluster that is running the Oracle Solaris Operating System and the Oracle Solaris Cluster software. You can install Geographic Edition software at the same time that you install Oracle Solaris Cluster software or at any time afterwards. The Geographic Edition software configuration is identical to the Oracle Solaris Cluster software configuration.

Planning the Data Replication Software

A cluster that is using Geographic Edition software with a data replication product is subject to the standard configuration rules of a cluster that is running the data replication product with Oracle Solaris Cluster software. Partner clusters must have compatible software configurations to support data replication between the clusters.

The Geographic Edition product supports the following data replication products:

Availability Suite is a host-based replication method. This method consists of software installed on a host that controls replication from one server to a secondary server.

Oracle Data Guard functionality is part of the Oracle Database software and so does not require you to install additional software onto your system. The Geographic Edition module for Oracle Data Guard can only be used with Oracle databases.

The Geographic Edition script-based plug-in enables the user to develop replication modules to integrate additional replication protocols into Geographic Edition. The plug-in provides the interface to register custom replication control scripts with Geographic Edition.