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Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Installation Guide     Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
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1.  Planning the Geographic Edition Installation

Installation Process

Planning Cluster Hardware

Planning Required Software

Planning the Data Replication Software

Planning Resource and Resource Group Names

Planning Required IP Addresses and Hostnames

Planning the Geographic Edition Environment


Logical Hostnames

Zone Clusters

2.  Installing Geographic Edition Software

3.  Enabling and Configuring the Geographic Edition Software

4.  Upgrading the Geographic Edition Software

5.  Uninstalling Geographic Edition 4.0 Software


Planning the Geographic Edition Environment

This section provides guidelines for planning and preparing the following components for Geographic Edition software installation:


Ensure that you have available all necessary license certificates before you begin software installation. Geographic Edition software does not require a license certificate. However, each node that is installed with Geographic Edition software must be covered under your Geographic Edition software license agreement.

For licensing requirements for data replication software and application software, see the installation documentation for those products.

Logical Hostnames

Geographic Edition software uses the logical hostname of a cluster for inter-cluster management communication and heartbeat communication. The IP address for a cluster name must be available for Geographic Edition software to wrap a logical hostname around the IP address when the software is started by using the geoadm start command.

You can use the cluster command to find the name of the cluster when you need to verify that the cluster name is suitable for use as a hostname. To find the name of the cluster, run the following command:

# cluster list

For more information, see the cluster(1CL) man page.

Zone Clusters

In some Geographic Edition configurations, a zone cluster can be configured as a cluster partner. Observe the following guidelines for the use of zone clusters in a cluster partnership.