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System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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About This Book

1.  Managing Terminals and Modems (Overview)

2.  Setting Up Terminals and Modems (Tasks)

3.  Managing Serial Ports With the Service Access Facility (Tasks)

4.  Managing System Resources (Overview)

5.  Displaying and Changing System Information (Tasks)

6.  Managing Disk Use (Tasks)

7.  Managing UFS Quotas (Tasks)

8.  Scheduling System Tasks (Tasks)

9.  Managing System Accounting (Tasks)

What's New in System Accounting

Oracle Solaris Process Accounting and Statistics Improvements

What is System Accounting?

How System Accounting Works

System Accounting Components

Connect Accounting

Process Accounting

Disk Accounting

Fee Calculations

How Daily Accounting Works

What Happens If the System Shuts Down

System Accounting (Task Map)

Setting Up System Accounting

How to Set Up System Accounting

Billing Users

How to Bill Users

Maintaining Accounting Information

Fixing Corrupted Files and wtmpx Errors

How to Fix a Corrupted wtmpx File

Fixing tacct Errors

How to Fix tacct Errors

Restarting the runacct Script

How to Restart the runacct Script

Stopping and Disabling System Accounting

How to Temporarily Stop System Accounting

How to Permanently Disable System Accounting

10.  System Accounting (Reference)

11.  Managing System Performance (Overview)

12.  Managing System Processes (Tasks)

13.  Monitoring System Performance (Tasks)

14.  Troubleshooting Software Problems (Overview)

15.  Managing System Messages

16.  Managing Core Files (Tasks)

17.  Managing System Crash Information (Tasks)

18.  Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Software Problems (Tasks)

19.  Troubleshooting File Access Problems (Tasks)

20.  Resolving UFS File System Inconsistencies (Tasks)

21.  Troubleshooting Software Package Problems (Tasks)


System Accounting (Task Map)

For Instructions
Set up system accounting.

Set up system accounting by performing the following tasks:

  • Create the /etc/rc0.d/K22acct and /etc/rc2.d/S22acct files.
  • Modify the /var/spool/cron/crontabs/adm and /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root crontab files.

Bill users.
Run the /usr/lib/acct/chargefee username amount command.
Fix a corrupted wtmpx file.
Convert the wtmpx file from binary to ASCII format.
Fix tacct errors.

Run the prtacct script to check the /var/adm/acct/sum/tacctprev file. Then, patch the latest/var/adm/acct/sum/tacctMMDD file. You will need to re-create the /var/adm/acct/sum/tacct file.
Restart the runacct script.
Remove the lastdate file and any lock files. Then, manually restart the runacct script.
Disable system accounting temporarily.
Edit theadm crontab file to stop the ckpacct, runacct, and monacct programs from running.
Disable system accounting permanently.
Delete the entries for the ckpacct, runacct, and monacct programs in the adm and crontab files.