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Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions Administrator's Procedures     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Trusted Extensions Administration Concepts

2.  Trusted Extensions Administration Tools

3.  Getting Started as a Trusted Extensions Administrator (Tasks)

4.  Security Requirements on a Trusted Extensions System (Overview)

5.  Administering Security Requirements in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

6.  Users, Rights, and Roles in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

7.  Managing Users, Rights, and Roles in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

Customizing the User Environment for Security (Task Map)

How to Modify Default User Label Attributes

How to Modify policy.conf Defaults

How to Configure Startup Files for Users in Trusted Extensions

How to Lengthen the Timeout When Relabeling Information

How to Log In to a Failsafe Session in Trusted Extensions

Managing Users and Rights With the Solaris Management Console (Task Map)

How to Modify a User's Label Range in the Solaris Management Console

How to Create a Rights Profile for Convenient Authorizations

How to Restrict a User's Set of Privileges

How to Prevent Account Locking for Users

How to Enable a User to Change the Security Level of Data

How to Delete a User Account From a Trusted Extensions System

Handling Other Tasks in the Solaris Management Console (Task Map)

8.  Remote Administration in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

9.  Trusted Extensions and LDAP (Overview)

10.  Managing Zones in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

11.  Managing and Mounting Files in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

12.  Trusted Networking (Overview)

13.  Managing Networks in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

14.  Multilevel Mail in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

15.  Managing Labeled Printing (Tasks)

16.  Devices in Trusted Extensions (Overview)

17.  Managing Devices for Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

18.  Trusted Extensions Auditing (Overview)

19.  Software Management in Trusted Extensions (Tasks)

A.  Quick Reference to Trusted Extensions Administration

B.  List of Trusted Extensions Man Pages


Handling Other Tasks in the Solaris Management Console (Task Map)

Follow Oracle Solaris procedures to handle tasks in the Solaris Management Console. You must be superuser, or in a role in the global zone. The following task map points to basic Solaris Management Console tasks.

For Instructions
Perform administrative tasks by using the Solaris Management Console.
Create users.
Create roles.
Modify roles.
Create or modify a rights profile.
Change other security attributes of a user.
Audit the actions of a role.
List the rights profiles by using smprofile list -Dname-service-type:/server-name/domain-name