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Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Installation Guide: Flash Archives (Creation and Installation)     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Flash Archive (Overview)

2.  Flash Archive (Planning)

3.  Creating Flash Archive (tasks)

Task map: Creating Flash Archive

Installing the Master System

To Install the Master System for an Initial Installation

Creating Customization Scripts

To Create a Precreation Script

Using a Precreation Script to Create a User-Defined Archive Section

To Create a Predeployment Script

To Create a Postdeployment Script

To Create a Reboot Script

Creating a Flash Archive

To Create a Flash Archive for an Initial Installation

Creating a Flash Archive (Examples)

Creating a Flash Archive (Various Examples)

Creating a Flash Archive and Customizing Files (Examples)

To Create a Flash Archive Differential Archive With an Updated Master Image

To Create a Flash Archive Differential Archive by Using Live Upgrade

4.  Installing and Administering Flash Archive (Tasks)

5.  Creating and Using a Disaster Recovery Image

6.  Flash Archive (Reference)



Chapter 3

Creating Flash Archive (tasks)

This chapter provides the procedures for creating a Flash Archive, a feature of Oracle Solaris. These procedures include installing a master system and then creating a Flash Archive from that master system. You can also create a differential archive if you have previously installed an archive on a clone system. When the differential archive is created, two images are compared: the unchanged master image and an updated image. The differential archive installs only the differences between the two images. Also, procedures to create scripts are provided to reconfigure or otherwise customize the archive.

For limitations when creating or installing a Flash Archive, see Table 2-1.