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Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Installation Guide: Flash Archives (Creation and Installation)     Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library
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1.  Flash Archive (Overview)

2.  Flash Archive (Planning)

3.  Creating Flash Archive (tasks)

4.  Installing and Administering Flash Archive (Tasks)

Installing a Flash Archive With the Oracle Solaris Installation Program

Installing a Flash Archive

References to Procedures for Installing Flash Archive

Administering Flash Archives

Splitting a Flash Archive

Merging Flash Archives

Extracting Information From an Archive

5.  Creating and Using a Disaster Recovery Image

6.  Flash Archive (Reference)



Chapter 4

Installing and Administering Flash Archive (Tasks)

This chapter provides step-by-step procedures for installing a Flash Archive, a feature of Oracle Solaris, by using the Oracle Solaris installation program. This chapter also provides references to procedures for installing Flash Archive when using other installation programs. Also, step-by-step procedures for administering an archive are provided.

For limitations when creating or installing a Flash Archive, see Table 2-1.


Caution - When installing the Oracle Solaris OS with a Flash Archive, the archive and the installation media must contain identical operating system versions. For example, if the archive is a Oracle Solaris 10 operating system and you are using DVD media, then you must use Oracle Solaris 10 DVD media to install the archive. If the operating systems versions do not match, the installation on the target system fails.