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Booting and Shutting Down Oracle Solaris on SPARC Platforms     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Booting and Shutting Down a SPARC Based System (Overview)

2.  Booting a SPARC Based System to a Specified State (Tasks)

3.  Shutting Down a System (Tasks)

Shutting Down a System (Task Map)

Overview of Shutting Down a System

Guidelines for Shutting Down a System

System Shutdown Commands

Shutting Down a System

How to Determine Who Is Logged in to the System

How to Shut Down a System by Using the shutdown Command

How to Shut Down a System by Using the init Command

Turning Off Power to System Devices

4.  Rebooting a SPARC Based System (Tasks)

5.  Booting a SPARC Based System From the Network (Tasks)

6.  Modifying Boot Parameters on a SPARC Based System (Tasks)

7.  Creating, Administering, and Booting From ZFS Boot Environments on SPARC Platforms (Tasks)

8.  Keeping a SPARC Based System Bootable (Tasks)

9.  Troubleshooting Booting a SPARC Based System (Tasks)


Overview of Shutting Down a System

Oracle Solaris is designed to run continuously so that the electronic mail and network software can work correctly. However, some system administration tasks and emergency situations require that the system be shut down to a level where it is safe to remove power. In some cases, the system needs to be brought to an intermediate level, where not all system services are available.

Such cases include the following:

For information about using your system's power management features, see the poweradm(1M) man page.